Nursing Blogs and Resource Sites…A Must Read!


In every nursing blog we have come across and whom we work with, we have felt the passion from the nurses and medical professionals about their subject matters. They are passionate writers! How could they not be, based on their work environment? When you find a great piece of content and you find yourself immersed in the source, you want to share it with everyone. Today, our team at Uniform Advantage has highlighted nursing blogs and sites written and published by individual nurses and institutions that provide a wealth of information and wisdom as well as some good ole humor. We know that their experiences, challenges and industry insights will resonate with you and we hope that they will help you professionally and personally. Enjoy our selections below and please send us any great finds you have come across. We welcome your feedback for any blog suggestions.

Health & Wellness and Personal Development
Living Sublime Wellness by Elizabeth Scala
My Strong Medicine by Sean Dent
According to Kateri
EmpoweRN *New*
Nurse Eye Roll *New*
The Nurse Teacher *New*
The Bossy Nurse *New*

Nursing Communities/Organizations/Universities
Georgetown University School Nursing Blog
The American Nurse, official publication of the American Nurses Association
The Dean’s Blog, written by the Dean of the UCSF School of Nursing
Grounds for Health
Nursing Center
Nursing Blogs at Johns Hopkins University

Off The Charts by American Journal of Nursing
The Nursing Site Blog by Kathy Quan
Digital Doorway by Keith Carlson
The Makings of a Nurse
Registered Nurse RN
Not Running a Hospital
JParadisi RN

The Nerdy Nurse by Brittney Wilson
Innovative Nurse by Kevin Ross
RN.FMRadio, Kevin Ross/Keith Carlson – Co-Founders and Co-Hosts

At Your Cervix
The Adventures of Nurse Niki
Doctor Grumpy in the House
Head Nurse

Uniform Advantage secures Exclusivity for Koi’s and Med Couture’s 2 Newest Spring Colors


Uniform Advantage secures early exclusives for Koi’s and Med Couture’s 2 newest colors in their spring collection. For additional information about Koi and Med Couture Scrubs and the different styles and colors offered, please visit

Koi and Med Couture have been part of Uniform Advantage’s (UA) family for 5 and 6 years respectively and have given UA exclusivity for their 2 newest colors this spring. Koi will be featuring Plum and Grape colors and Med Couture will be launching Blush and Marine Blue colors. UA has them exclusively until August 2014 and these are currently displayed in Uniform Advantage’s Spring 2014 catalog.

Koi’s Inspiration

Koi is known for their trendy and fashionable designs and their two newest colors, Plum and Grape, reflect just that. The colors were chosen for their beautiful characteristics and glamorous appeal. Grape is a deep, rich, elegant color. Plum is a bright color with a hint of fuchsia that was inspired by Koi’s President, Kathy Peterson’s trip to India. Both colors are flattering for all complexions. Their Katelyn and Naomi tops and Lindsey pants will be available at UA in these exclusive colors. Also new to UA, is their Kathryn Wild Thing print top. It’s one of their favorites of the season. It incorporates two of the designer’s favorite things: animal prints and shades of purple.

Med Couture’s Inspiration

Med Couture’s fabrics are stretchy and very comfortable and provide a great fit for our medical professionals for their long work days.  The colors for Spring consist of a combination of vibrant shades of Pink and Turquoise. Blush is a medium bright tone of Pink and contrasts nicely with Marine Blue, a colorful shade of Turquoise. These are very trendy and wearable colors for the season and these shades were created as similar ones have done very well in the past for both Med Couture and UA. The coordinating prints are equally tasteful and appealing to all nurses, young and mature.

What new colors would you like to see come to UA? Are there some colors that you just can’t live without!?


3 Timeless Styles for Your New Year’s SCRUBsolution

Let’s start with the Foundation
Nothing can beat the classic look and feel of a Butter-Soft Stretch scrub top. The best part about a classic scrub top is that it now has several cuts and styles that fit each and every body type. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable with unflattering angles. The Butter-Soft Stretch scrub tops collection has empire waists, v-necks, scallop necks, and even trendy ¾ sleeves. These Uniform Advantage scrub tops come in several classic colors while offering you the resilient, soft and durable fabric with stretch and flexibility you need for your day-to-day tasks.

Add a layer or two

After, you have your foundation down, use the weather outside as an excuse to layer up with a Med Couture scrubs warm-up jacket. This particular jacket has a round neck and button front closure with two patch pockets. I love their contrast stitching and logos; it adds an edgy touch to a traditional jacket. If you don’t like to wear things over your scrubs, you can always opt for a Peaches long sleeve tee as an under-the-scrub layer.

From top to bottom

An outfit isn’t complete without pants that are both dependable and fashionable. Koi Stretch Skinny Lindsey pants features what you love about the Koi brand in a brand new slim profile pant with stretch. You know that sounds amazing for those 12+ hour shifts! It has an adjustable drawstring waist, flower printed facing and side slits at the pant hem. It also gives you plenty of storage with a total of 8 pockets! This style comes in only 4 colors, but trust me you’ll want all of them.

Now, that we have a template for a New Year’s SCRUBsolution we can throw in some scrub prints, shoes, and accessories to add personality. Leave us a comment and let us know what you would put together to create your look!


UA vs. The Runway: Winter 2011

The holiday season is right around the corner and before you know it the New Year will be here…so we are here to help you finish off the rest of 2011 in a runway-worthy fashion!  Believe it or not, the trends seen on the catwalks at Fashion Week in New York and Milan are in our winter catalogs as well.  Scoop up these fashion forward pieces, perfect your strut and you’re good to go!

Texture Overload

Vivienne Tam

UA vs Runway Texture Overload


WC693 Sweetheart Neckline Crochet Trim Top 

WC693 Sweetheart Neckline Crochet Trim Top

40’s Elegance

 Jonathan Saunders

UA vs. Runway 40's Elegance


UA422C Rolled Collar Button Front Top

UA422C Rolled Collar Button Front Top

Pleats and Frills


UA vs Runway Pleats and Frills


UA424C Ruffle Mandarin Collar Snap Front Top 

UA424C Ruffle Mandarin Collar Snap Front Top

 Emilio Pucci

UA vs Runway Pleats and Frills 2

EMPC72C Princess Seam Y-Neck Top with Embroidery

EMPC72C Princess Seam Y-Neck Top with Embroidery


 Salvatore Ferragamo

UA vs. Runway Zoological


U194GWB Scallop Neck Top in Go Wild Black

U194GWB Scallop Neck Top in Go Wild Black

Anywhere Women’s Zone Clog in Zebra

Anywhere Women’s Zone Clog in Zebra

 R1260FEP Rampage Feline Lace Trim Top

R1260FEP Rampage Feline Lace Trim Top


Anywhere Women’s Zone Clog in Leopard

Anywhere Women’s Zone Clog in Leopard

Prints: Plaid and Polka


UA vs Runway Prints: Plaid

HE232PER Lauren Top in Pencil Plaid Raspberry/Pewter

HE232PER Lauren Top in Pencil Plaid Raspberry/Pewter

 Stella McCartney

UA vs. Runway Prints: Polka

UA28EBW Mock Wrap Top in Exotic Beauty White and U86PKB Button Front Warm Up Jacket in Polka Pop Black

UA28EBW Mock Wrap Top in Exotic Beauty White

U86PKB Button Front Warm Up Jacket in Polka Pop Black 

UA vs. The Runway

It’s UA versus The Runway this Spring 2011 season, and we are out to match those Spring fashion trends and themes that took over the runways during fashion week!  You may be thinking, since when did scrubs lend themselves to the top trends of the season, and how do they actually compare?  Well, look no further, beloved UA fans, because we’ve got the hottest looks for scrubs available this Spring. 

Start shopping, get your look popping, because there’s no stopping you, divas of the healthcare field!

Three hot trends we’d like to point out:

70s Glamour and 60s Ladylike

Just when you thought Mad Men couldn’t get any more popular, the fashion industry took on the style of hit show.  Think Betty Draper meets Marc Jacobs and you have a hit piece right there!

Key look: neat bow-blouses with billowing sleeves

~ Marc by Marc Jacobs ~

Marc by Marc Jacobs

~ UA784DBA Budding Beauty Banan-Appeal ~

 UA784DBA Budding Beauty Banan-Appeal 


~ Moschino ~


~ U784OAC Opposites Attract Coffee ~

U784OAC Opposites Attract Coffee 


It may not be summer just yet, but nautical stripes are a common theme for Spring 2011…especially the classic navy and white palatte.

Key look: navy and white horizontal stripes

~ Jil Sander ~

Jil Sander

~ U28EFN Eco Flower Navy ~

U28EFN Eco Flower Navy

Garden Prints

Hot on the runway for Spring 2011 were prints with roses—you love to get roses, and now you’ll love to wear them! 

Key look: roses

~ D&G ~


~ WT73BED Bed of Roses Carib Cool ~

WT73BED Bed of Roses Carib Cool


~ Nanette Lepore ~

Nanette Lepore

~ PC62ROM Romantic Rose ~

PC62ROM Romantic Rose