3 Timeless Styles for Your New Year’s SCRUBsolution

Let’s start with the Foundation
Nothing can beat the classic look and feel of a Butter-Soft Stretch scrub top. The best part about a classic scrub top is that it now has several cuts and styles that fit each and every body type. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable with unflattering angles. The Butter-Soft Stretch scrub tops collection has empire waists, v-necks, scallop necks, and even trendy ¾ sleeves. These Uniform Advantage scrub tops come in several classic colors while offering you the resilient, soft and durable fabric with stretch and flexibility you need for your day-to-day tasks.

Add a layer or two

After, you have your foundation down, use the weather outside as an excuse to layer up with a Med Couture scrubs warm-up jacket. This particular jacket has a round neck and button front closure with two patch pockets. I love their contrast stitching and logos; it adds an edgy touch to a traditional jacket. If you don’t like to wear things over your scrubs, you can always opt for a Peaches long sleeve tee as an under-the-scrub layer.

From top to bottom

An outfit isn’t complete without pants that are both dependable and fashionable. Koi Stretch Skinny Lindsey pants features what you love about the Koi brand in a brand new slim profile pant with stretch. You know that sounds amazing for those 12+ hour shifts! It has an adjustable drawstring waist, flower printed facing and side slits at the pant hem. It also gives you plenty of storage with a total of 8 pockets! This style comes in only 4 colors, but trust me you’ll want all of them.

Now, that we have a template for a New Year’s SCRUBsolution we can throw in some scrub prints, shoes, and accessories to add personality. Leave us a comment and let us know what you would put together to create your look!


New Year, New You, New Scrubs!

We are a week into the new year, and, at this point, we are (hopefully!) still sticking to our new year’s resolutions.  A few of the new year’s resolution I’ve heard over and over again so far are: I’m going to work out at least 3 times a week, no more chocolate, lose 10 pounds, read every night, call up my old friends more often….  One of my resolutions (which I don’t know why I even tried) was to give up chocolate.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even realize I was breaking my resolution until after I finished the Harry and David bag of chocolate and caramel covered popcorn that was sitting on my counter.  Well, so much for that one!  Next time I’ll try to make a resolution that is a little more attainable—as a chocoholic I was getting way too ahead of myself.  While I am sure I’m not the only one who didn’t make it through the first seven days, there are plenty of you out there that are dedicated to your resolutions.  I actually heard on the radio this morning that if you make a new year’s resolution, you are 50% more likely to do that resolution than if you never made one at all.  Guess I’m the other 50%.  But whether or not you have broken your resolutions, most of us do have a “New Year, New You” mentality as we start off 2011.  Nothing specific necessarily, just a feeling we all get.  So, why not give the new you a new look!  Coincidentally enough, we recently got in some of our new Spring and Holiday Prints for 2011 , so make sure to shop around for new scrubs to wear to work this year.

Holiday and Spring 2011 Prints

New Holiday and Spring Prints for 2011