Uniform Advantage partners with Living Beyond Breast CancerThis Fall, we are excited to partner with Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) and donate proceeds from 2 of our breast cancer cause awareness scrubs, Celebrate Pink Black and Wild and Pink Black prints. We will be joining our sister brand, ChefUniforms.com in making a donation, over $5,000 in total towards the fight against breast cancer!

LBBC’s mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and be a community of support because no one should have to go through any stage of breast cancer alone. They help anyone diagnosed with breast cancer: from being newly diagnosed, in treatment, living with advanced breast cancer or in recovery and even loved ones of those impacted by this disease. They offer a holistic approach to getting people informed and taken care of.

People are always ready to help and go all out in October. They wear pink, not only because it is a hot color but it looks good on everyone, female and males! But after reading one of LBBC’s blogs by one of their bloggers, Beth Caldwell speaking about October 13th being Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we wanted to help educate and help people to donate more to this type of cancer.

She was passionate and spoke of what someone who is diagnosed with this type of cancer goes through.

Did you know it is vastly underfunded?

Sometimes you take it for granted that through the excitement from all the fundraising efforts in finding a cure for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, that you don’t think that this is a daily reminder of their personal struggle with this disease. It is a rough month for thousands of people and their families. According to Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Metastatic Breast Cancer is stage IV and represents 6-10% of new breast cancer cases and is deadly! There is no cure! The number of people living with this type of cancer in the US is estimated to be over 155,000 and the average survival time is 3 years. Unfortunately, funding dollars towards metastatic research is less than 5%.

With stats like that, let’s help spread the word about this brutal cancer and donate more dollars to help people affected by it.

Read Beth Caldwell’s personal experience titled Pink to Black on LBBC’s Blog. It was real and heartfelt.

About Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Uniform Advantage partners with Living Beyond Breast Cancer


Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is a nonprofit organization whose vision is a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed or alone. To strive toward reaching that vision, LBBC’s mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. LBBC addresses the current needs of people affected by breast cancer, whether they are newly diagnosed, in treatment, recovery or living with a history of or managing a metastatic form of the disease. Resources are developed in collaboration with the nation’s leading oncologists, health professionals and ally organizations and are delivered by people who understand the physical and emotional complexities of breast cancer. LBBC offers its programs and services in a variety of printed and digital formats. For more information, visit them at lbbc.org. Uniform Advantage has partnered with Living Beyond Breast Cancer in Fall 2015 and will be donating $1 from the sale of each “Wild and Pink Black” and “Celebrate Pink Black” scrub prints towards the fight against breast cancer. The total donation will amount to over $5,000. For more information, please visit http://www.lbbc.org.

We look forward to your support today!

Sophie's Picks - Uniform Advantage's in house Fashion GuruFall is everyone’s favorite season!

The air is crispier, the leaves are changing and it’s pumpkin everything season!

Not to mention, it is that time of year where women are excited to wear and accessorize the latest Fall Fashion in their everyday lives from work to hanging out, to partying to running errands.

This Fall 2015, there are 4 trends that will make you that girl every medical professional wants to dress like at your office!

Trends #1 & 2 – Show Your Stripes and ColorFall

Prints are the rage in all shapes and layouts in bold and bright colors! Navy is also very huge this Fall! Our Wild Skin Navy Scrub top, Style # UA864WN and Madly In Love Navy Fashion Scrub Top, Style # STN868MN, depicts these 2 hot trends in beautiful shades of Turquoise, Navy, Grey Stone, Go Green, Berry and Purple. These tops are flattering to any body shape and will definitely create a statement in your office! Navy Blue and Turquoise pants in Style # UA32C and/or Style # UA56C will match perfectly with the Wild Skin Navy top. Add a Berry Kiss shade to these wardrobe ideas to also complement the Madly In Love Navy Fashion Top. Our Women’s Long Sleeve Tee, Style # KN596 in Navy is perfect for layering.

Trend #3 – A New Hue

Rich jewel tones are always the rave in Fall Fashion in shades of purple, wine, red, magenta, emerald, teal and gold. Berry Burst is the perfect shade to add warmth and color to this season! Our Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA™ Short Sleeve 4-Pocket Top w/ Zipper Trim and coordinating pants will help you create a sharp, professional look that stands out.

Trend #4 – Winter Florals

Floral prints are a big hit as they add versatility with coordinating solid colors to create many stylish looks in your wardrobe. It adds textures and accents that every medical professional will have fun accessorizing. There is something about nature that just inspires you and gives hope for better things to come! UA offers many designs in different colors and styles that is the perfect choice just for you. Click here to see our floral scrub print collection.

Trends #5 & 6 – Accessorize…Accessorize…Accessorize!

Sophie's Picks - Fall 2015 Trends for medical professionals

Are you in an adventurous mood to try all? Or which trend do you like the most and why?

Did you get a chance to see Miss America on Sunday??

Congratulations to Miss Georgia from the Peaches State!

Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson did her profession proud on Sunday night when she spoke about what nursing represents, instead of doing the usual song and dance repertoires done by contestants. She portrayed herself very humbly and wore her purple scrubs and stethoscope to emphasize the role nurses play in the healthcare profession. It was pretty awesome to see her illustrate exactly what nursing is all about in the example she gave about one of her Alzheimer patients, Joe. What meant the most to him was the love she gave him through meaningful conversations and holding his hand when he needed it the most, and just providing a listening ear. She truly showed that she is more than just a nurse! Check her out in this YouTube video.

We at Uniform Advantage feel the same way because nursing is all about loving and caring for patients, and what nurses dispense from their hearts is irreplaceable. We first saw this popular reference from Nurse Kateri Allard when she wrote a fantastic article titled “Don’t Call Me Just a Nurse.” We had to include it in our Super Nurses infographic campaign last year. Check it out!

One of the memes we posted celebrating our Nurses during Nurses Week this year truly emulates Miss Colorado’s sentiments (see first meme)! Check out the rest of them below. We created several memes about the roles nurses play and how appreciative we are of their service.

Nurses are Angels. Happy Nurses Week! UA 2015 Nurse Meme - Nurses dispense comfortUA 2015 Nurse Meme - RN stands for Rockstar Nurse UA 2015 Nurse Meme - Cute enough to stop your heart UA 2015 Nurse Meme - A Nurse is an Angel

Nurses, you rock! Go Miss Colorado!


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