Boo! Scare off the Halloween Hazards This Year

Trick or Treat

Since our scrubs see their fair share of hospitals and doctor’s offices, we wanted to make sure you and your family stay safe on the upcoming Trick or Treat trail.  Here is a list we compiled from several sources of basic ways to prevent accidents when energy and excitement levels get batty!

  Visible Vampires:  Trick or treating while it’s still light out is a safe bet for young kids.  If this isn’t an option, here are some easy solutions to illuminate your clan:

  • Glow sticks and jewelry (cheap and can make a costume stand out!)
  • Strips of reflective tape on costumes or bags (found in sporting goods and hardware stores)
  • Small flashlights can help navigate winding driveways and porches where pumpkin luminaries may not be enough

   Stranger Danger: Make sure that those goblins under 12 are accompanied by an adult; those a little older should travel in a big group and have a way of contacting an adult if need be. 

   Treats Not Trips: When candy craze is in full swing it’s easy for kids to forget the rules they already know, so keep them on their feet by:

  • Walking, not running from house to house
  • Using  crosswalks and sidewalks whenever possible
  • Watching out for cars that may be backing up or turning neighborhood corners
  • Making sure their costumes don’t drag to prevent falling or getting too close to lit candles
  • Masks can make it hard for kids to see their surroundings,  try face paint instead (make sure to test in a small area to make sure they’re not allergic and remove before bedtime to prevent skin or eye irritation)

   Candy Caution: Check pumpkin pails for possible tampering or choking hazards before letting kids dig in–also make sure that any homemade treats are from a trusty source.

   Haunted Huddle: As your ghoulish group is getting ready, repeat some key reminders before sugar levels spike and distractions are everywhere.


…and lastly, HAVE FUN!  What safety tips do you and your family use to ward off the Halloween Hazards?

Tips for a Non-toxic and Chemical-free Lifestyle + 20% off at!

BPA, PFCs, PVCs, PFOA, PFOS, EA…what do all these mean?  Thanks to a non-toxic and chemical free company known as Essential Safe Products (ESP), the answers are right at your fingertips! Through their website, ESP focuses on spreading awareness about hazardous chemicals found in many of our everyday kitchen and on-the-go products as well as giving prevention tips & tricks and, most importantly, selling products that are non-toxic and food safe!   Some products they offer include stainless steel cookware, glass bakeware, glass water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, and plenty, plenty more!  Here is one of our favorite products…a BPA Free Glass water bottle!  Super cute and non-toxic to boot!

Glass Water Bottle

Studies have shown that exposure to many hazardous chemicals may lead to a long list of negative health outcomes (including Breast Cancer!).  Given this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we at UA and want to promote Breast Cancer Prevention in conjunction with awareness!  So is giving UA fans a 20% off coupon code to products on their site.  From now until the end of October (10/31/2011), you can get 20% off non-toxic, chemical free and food safe products from!  Just enter the promotional code NONTOXIC at checkout to redeem this special offer to UA customers!

BPA Free Products

More About ESP… is a one-stop-shop for people interested in leading a non-toxic lifestyle in the kitchen and on-the-go.  Their motto “Live ESP. Learn ESP. Love ESP.” consists of three main concepts that provide a framework for the site:

  • Live ESP: The “Shop” section of the site is a place for consumers of all ages to purchase food safe and non-toxic kitchenware and on-the-go products. ESP has cookware, bakeware, tableware, food storage, cook’s tools, kitchen accessories, and on-the-go products to help others at any step in their lifestyle changes.
  • Learn ESP: The “Learn” section of the site is filled with information on harmful chemicals, industry updates, tips and tricks and more valuable information for readers and shoppers as they learn about and make changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Love ESP: The A Cup of ESP blog, Facebook and Twitter pages are a great place to stay connected with ESP and share with others the love for a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle.

We hope you all like this site and that it proves to be as informative as we found it!  And help us spread the word about living a non-toxic and healthy lifestyle by sharing ESP with our friends and family :)

Live, Learn, Love

~ UA

Better Breakfast Month…don’t forget to eat your breakfast!

Mmmm….September is Better Breakfast Month!  Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day: it helps curb mid-morning cravings and give you energy! So if you’re a breakfast-skipper, think twice!  Start this month and give your body the morning energy that it needs.  I asked around the office to find out what kind of “healthy” breakfasts UA employees enjoy in the morning, and here are some of the most popular answers (hopefully to give you ideas too!):

  • fruit
  • whole grain cereal with berries and yogurt
  • egg whites on whole wheat bread
  • rye toast with a banana
  • steel oats or oald fashion oats for oatmeal
  • Special K with sliced bananas
  • turkey bacon and egg whites with green peppers
  • fruit-filled smoothies: low fat vanilla yogurt, frozen banana, orange juice and some type of berry
  • oatmeal with a little cinnamon and Splenda
  • egg whites with a piece of wheat toast and raspberry jam

What did you have for breakfast this morning?


Hairstyle Tips for Work!

When the only wardrobe option you have to wear to work is scrubs, you have the luxury of waking up each morning and not having to think, “What am I going to wear today?” That answer is already laid out for you.  There are prints, solid top styles and various fitted scrub pants, but where do you go from there?  If you wear the same general type of ensemble every day to work, how can you make it look different?

The easiest and most obvious option is to change up your hairstyle.  While yes there are several restrictions as to how you can wear your hear to work in the medical field (such as keeping it out of your face and no extreme colors like hot pink), you can still get creative with it!  Here is a list of ideas to change up your hair and give your scrub uniforms a whole new overall look:

-          A simple ponytail always works.

-          A lovely French braid…you can never go wrong.

-          A thin headband to keep your hair out of your face. Make it a colored headband for some extra flare.

-          Short hair? Try two small side pigtails.  They’re playful and cute and easy to pull together in the morning.

-          Add a French braid to your hairline and pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail.

-          Twist it, lift it, clip it. In three seconds, your ready!

-          Put up a ponytail and add a fishtail braid.  This look may take a little longer, but it does look beautiful once it’s done.

-          Add a colored or printed ribbon to match your scrubs.

-          Pull your hair back into a tight bun for a sophisticated look.

-          Pull you hair back into a low ponytail and add a pretty barrette.

Hope you enjoyed our short list of hairstyle tips for work! Have any ideas you’d like to share? Let us know! And you can pair your new hairstyle with a cute set of scrubs fresh from our Fall 2011 line :).

~ Hannah

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from UA

Just a little reminder that Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re like me, you’ve already ran out of ideas for Father’s Day gifts over the years. He has every electronic gadget out there, he’s already playing golf on Sunday with his buds, breakfast in bed is getting old, so what now? Ever thought about getting him a new set of scrubs? To us, it’s a perfect idea! He’s always going to need them, he will use them every day, they are easy to wash, and you don’t have to break the bank to get them!

We have men’s scrubs from many different brands including our own line of UA Scrubs, Cherokee, Landau and Fashion Seal, so choices are endless when it comes to getting your Father’s Day gift this year. Oh, and a UA gift card or a new stethoscope won’t hurt either!

~ Hannah

The Fabric of Our Lives, with Prices on the Rise!

Over the past several months there have been numerous articles warning consumers about the increase in cotton prices around the world.  Who would have thought such a light, white and fluffy crop would be sticking its sharp thorns into consumer’s wallets at such a rapid rate!?!

A combination of several factors has caused the price of cotton to more than double during the past year.  First, there’s the increase in demand for cotton, which has lead to a shortage of crops.  Additionally, the increase in demand brought in more competition, and more competition + a shortage means higher prices for manufacturers, and in turn, the consumer.  And according to an article in Bizmology this month, the federal government revealed information that an even steeper shortfall in global cotton production is expected for the future.  Finally, dismal weather conditions in India, Australia and Pakistan left significant damage to their cotton crops, resulting in an even greater shortage. 

What does all this mean?  It means that a trickle-down effect will start to impact the price of consumer products over the next year, if it hasn’t already.  The New York Times reported that big companies like Levi’s and Hanesbrands have already started to increase the price of their cotton-based products late last year, due to the increase prices on their end.  Unfortunately, this cotton shortage may end up impacting everything from your favorite pair of jeans to those comfy scrubs you wear to work.  Hopefully things will start to look up over time, but until then, we wanted to keep you in-the-know!

How to Choose Colors that Look Great on You

Why is it that every time you wear that red scrub top everyone comments on how great you look?  Have you ever noticed how a certain outfit can make you feel energized, pretty, and more self confident?  Believe it or not, there may be a science behind why you look and feel great in certain colors.

To determine which colors are most becoming on you, you must first determine which “season” you belong within:  Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn.  To do this, you must start by examining the contrast between your skin, eye and hair color.  One trick to identify your natural skin tone is to look at the veins on the inside of your arm.  “Warm” skin has a yellow or golden tone while the veins appear green.  “Cool” skin has a red or pink tone and the veins appear blue. 

Once you figure out whether you are “warm” or “cool”, the next step is to determine if you are “clear” or “muted”.  A person with clear skin typically has a high contrast between their skin tone, hair and eyes.  Their skin may have somewhat of a translucent quality.  Muted skin will not have much contrast.  Although you may see ash tones, it will appear softer in color than a clear skin tone. 

Now that you’ve figured out whether your skin is cool or warm, clear or muted, let’s look at which Season you belong within.

Winter: Winter skin is cool and clear.  Winters look best in jewel tones, icy pastels, true white, true black, navy blue, deep reds, bright pinks, and cool grays.  Winters will shine in our UA Butter Soft Women’s Solid Mandarin Collar Snap Front Scrub Top in Tutti-frutti.  With its stylish mandarin collar and form fitting front tucks, it is sure to flatter many Winter body shapes.  Another great style for Winters is our UA28 Swirl Navy Mock Wrap Scrub Top.  It is sure to please with deep navy and true white swirls complemented with true red trim – the perfect Winter palette.  The side empire waist tie provides a comfortable, adjustable fit. 

        UAS21C ~ Tutti-Frutti                                    UA28SWN

UAS21C  UA Butter Soft Women's Solid Mandarin Collar Snap Front Scrub Top      UA28SWN UA Women's Swirl Navy Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Summer:  Those with summer skin tones appear cool and muted.  The best choices for Summers are: pastels, muted colors and neutral colors such as lavender, rose, pale yellow and ceil blue.  UA’s Ruffle Trim Empire Mock Wrap top in Cloud is a lovely choice for Summers.  The elasticized empire waist is flattering on everyone and the side ties allow for a perfect fit.  Our print pick for Summers is the UA194 Petal Perfect Dolphin Grey Scallop Neck top.  With its floral border print, scallop neckline, and bubble gum trim, you are sure to get lots of flattering remarks.

             WTS73C ~ Cloud                                         UA194PDG

WTS73C UA Butter-Soft Ruffle Trim Empire Mock Wrap Scrub Top     UA194PDG UA Women's Petal Perfect Dolphin Grey Scallop Neck Scrub Top

Spring:  Favorite colors for Springs are: soft pastels, peaches, khaki, coral, golden yellows, aquas, and peaches.  Springs will look sassy and smart in the UA Butter Soft V-Neck Tricolor scrub top in Party Peach.   The deep triangle side seam pockets provide lots of storage room and the back waist drawstring provides a customizable flattering fit.  We think you’ll feel so great in Party Peach that we also recommend our UA Women’s Plaid Party Peach Print Mock Wrap Scrub Top in a cotton/spandex blend.   You might even find yourself throwing on a pair of jeans with it on the weekends!

       AT59C ~ Party Peach                             U28PAP ~ Party Peach

AT59C UA Butter Soft Women's V-Neck Tricolor Scrub Top               U28PAP UA Women's Plaid Party Peach Print Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Autumn:  Autumns thrive in rich or muted earth tones including colors like: gold, olive, chestnut brown, burnt orange, and caramel.  Our classic UA Butter Soft Women’s Solid Mock Wrap Scrub Top With Side Tie in Olivetta is sure to compliment your Autumn palette.  Side slits allow for easy movement and a modest v-neckline ensures a flattering fit.  Another great choice for Autumns is the UA Women’s Prairie Daisy Sedona Empire Waist scrub top.  The color Sedona will illuminate your skin and hair while the print-accented neckline draws the eye downwards creating a slimming appearance. 

          UAS28C ~ Olivetta                                    PC55PDS

UAS28C UA Butter Soft Women's Solid Mock Wrap Scrub Top with Side Tie          PC55PDS UA Women's Prairie Daisy Sedona Empire Waist Scrub Top

Now that you’ve found your Season, there a just a few key points to remember.  Many people wear colors from other season palettes and look just great – sometimes a variant of the shade can make all the difference between hot or not!  If you do happen to love a color that simply doesn’t suit you, you don’t necessarily have to ban it entirely from your wardrobe.  Instead, use it sparingly as an accent or accessory color rather than choosing it as a scrub top.  The most important thing to remember is whatever color you choose, wear it with confidence and a smile!

~ Melody ~