Think Service, (We Do!)

This past week, October 7-11 2013 was National Customer Service Week, and here at UA we were very excited to participate!  This week in October was first recognized in 1992 by the U.S. Congress as a way to acknowledge the importance of customer service and to recognize the employees across the country who serve in this field.

Customer service has always been our #1 priority at Uniform Advantage, so we make it a point to value our Customer Service team every day, but especially this week.  Each day brought a different morale-boosting surprises for our team including bagel breakfast, catered lunch, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs  gift bags with assorted goodies, personalized team hoodie sweatshirts, desserts, and more!

We want to remind all of our customers out there about our commitment to serving you. If there is anything we can do to improve your shopping experience and satisfaction with our company, we’re here for you (with smiling faces)!

Uniform Advantage customer service week

Uniform Advantage customer service weekUniform Advantage customer service week

YOU…Our #1 Priority!

Our goal as a company is to provide our valued customers with not only quality merchandise, but also top quality Customer Service.  We make it our #1 priority to reciprocate the dedication and loyalty that we receive from our customers.  We love receiving feedback from YOU, our customers, so we can continually improve and make sure that we are providing you with the best possible shopping experience.  So thank you to all of customers who take a minute out of their day to let us know how we’re doing and how we can help you best!  

From Thea:

Hi just a short note to let you know that I received my scrub tops and I am very very happy with them. They are a perfect fit. Thank you so much for looking after me so well.

Yours faithfully

From Karla:

I have ordered uniforms from various suppliers for over 10 years and YOUR company delivered FASTER than anyone else, with the best quality and most reasonable price of any uniforms I’ve purchased in the past 3 years. The fabric has not faded or shrunk and the value is definitely there in terms of style.  Thanks. I will do business with only UA Uniform Advantage from now on.

From Jennifer:

I actually just wanted to give you guys a big thank you for getting my order shipped to me so quickly. I ordered it on 4/23 and received it yesterday which was super fast and I only had ground shipping. My uniforms were in excellent condition and fit perfectly. Overall my service received from your company was outstanding. Thank you very much.

From Martina:

Hi, I’m an Italian Veterinary student, I ordered some of yours scrubs, and  arrived today (in 4 days)!!!They are perfect, more beautiful than the images! The sizes are perfect, thanks to the useful size chart! I’m very satisfied with the items! I’ll certainly order in future again!

Have a nice summer! Thanks for your professionalism! :)

From Michelle:

I would just like to thank you for the speedy service.  I placed an order yesterday afternoon and checked on my status this morning to show that it had already been shipped! Very impressive, I will definitely shop from your company again.

From Brittany:

I just received my shipment of uniforms 7-19-2012 and I just wanted to say I was very pleased with my order and the quality of my tops! I will be using this site from now on to do all my scrub shopping! Thank you very much for such a pleasant hassle free process!

From Peggy:

Thank you for responding so quickly with my concerns. Always happy to find a company that truly believes in customer satisfaction. I will be happy to share my experience with others at work where they can find a good company for their uniforms.

Have questions about a product? Need help with sizing or color matching?  We’re here to help! Our Customer Service department is here to make your shopping trip with Uniform Advantage a positive one, so the next time you have a question or need assistance be sure to contact us!  Whether you prefer email, phone, or live chat online we are here for you!

Behind The Scenes At Mandi’s Photo Shoot!

Mandi Uniform Advantage Ultimate Fan

Uniform Advantage set out to find its Ultimate Fan, that special medical professional or student who could prove their dedication to UA and would earn in return a photo shoot and feature in the Fall UA catalog, an all-expenses paid 4-night trip to Ft. Lauderdale for two, and a $200 UA shopping spree.

…Who did we find, you ask?

We found, Mandi, a CNA/GNA at a Geriatric Nursing & Rehab Center in Cumberland, MD.  Mandi was a standout winner as the UA Ultimate Fan.  Not only did she prove herself through her spirited Facebook contributions on the UA page as well as her own, but she also rallied her friends and co-workers around the contest.  She coordinated her co-workers wearing their matching UA Easter scrubs on the same day along with matching bunny ears (we hear they even hopped for patients!)

Mandi flew down to Ft. Lauderdale with her fiancé Derrick, the trip was extra special for the both of them because it was their first time on a plane and the farthest South they’ve ever been!

Enjoy this “behind the scenes” look at her day here at Uniform Advantage: (Uniform Advantage Ultimate Fan), and shop her looks!  As you can see after watching the video, she rocked the photo shoot, giving us tons of great shots to choose from.  The team at UA had so much fun getting to know her and wish her the best of luck in her profession as well as her personal life!

Be Heartwarming Today!

Donate Life

Buying roses and chocolate isn’t the only way that you can do something “heartwarming” today…it’s also National Organ Donor Day! has made it their mission for 2012 to get 20 million new registered organ donors this year.  Currently there are over 115,000 people in this country awaiting life-saving transplant surgeries, this amounts to approximately 19 people a day dying from a lack of a transplant.

Check out this story from Emory University Hospital this past January about a nurse, Allison, who donated her kidney to her 22-year old patient, Clay who she barely knew.

So how can you help? Register yourself as an organ, eye, and tissue donor here: and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Did you know that one donor can save up to 8 lives!

How are YOU Preventing Cancer this Month?

Cancer Prevention Month

February is a busy month!  Not only is it National Heart Month but it is also National Cancer Prevention Month.  What are the top ways to prevent cancer from the American Institute of Cancer Research?

  • Food: Limit red meat (especially processed meat like ham, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs), and pour on the fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans!
  • Fit: Not everyone’s schedules or budget allow them to hit the gym with a personal trainer every night, that’s ok!  Do your best to get at least 30 minutes in a day (whether it’s jogging, vacuuming/cleaning, or dancing with your kids just try and get your heart rate up-up-up.
  • Figure: Did you know that carrying extra weight increases your odds of developing SIX types of cancers!? So conquer the first two and you will surely see results…then increase the physical activity as needed but remember it can be broken up throughout the day whenever you have time!
  • Fundraise: Check out this limited edition scrub top Uniform Advantage carries from Koi scrubs called Scrubs Promise where all of the proceeds help support breast cancer!Koi Scrubs Promise

Do you have any cancer prevention tips to share this month?

Feedback from our Fans!

Thank youAt Uniform Advantage, customer service is a top priority, and we do the best we can to make sure each and every one of you are 100% satisfied with your order.  When our customers take the time to provide us with positive feedback like the comments below, it not only makes us smile Smile, but it lets us know that we are doing our job.  So a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who help us help you better. 

From Susana:

Liddy was very helpful and so nice! I just got my new sets in the mail and I couldn’t be more thankful. I really love the texture and fit of the butter soft brand. I get so many compliments on them, especially for the top because there aren’t a lot of scrubs with a button down shirt. The colored trim is just a bonus! Thank you so much again for everything! I will definitely make future purchases with Uniform Advantage. Thank you once again!!!

Just one of your VERY satisfied customers

From Britnie:

I recently ordered 6 sets of scrubs from Uniform Advantage. I have never ordered from you all before, but I am so glad I did! The scrubs are unbelievably soft (I ordered the Buttersoft brand), and they were reasonably priced, too. I received my order just two days after I placed it. That was definitely a plus! I will certainly order from Uniform Advantage in the future.

From Susan:

I just wanted to express how pleased I am with my new uniforms for UA.  I don’t think I have ever ordered on line where I didn’t have to return something.  The scrubs that I received are perfect and seem to be well made.  I have passed the word at my work and hopefully this will bring you more business.  There were also so many beautiful designs that I couldn’t decide what to pick.  Thank you.

From Sue on behalf of the RNS Midwives

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you from the Royal North Shore Hospital Midwives – Delivery Suite. Our order arrived today (so fast!!) and is perfect, we will all look so gorgeous in our Christmas Scrubs. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas

From Jen:

My scrubs are wonderful quality, and I have had great customer service, you have a loyal customer in me.  I look forward to doing business with you again. :)

From Michelle:

Customer service like this makes me want to continue to remain a customer.  Thank you very much.

We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Whether you call in by phone, chat with us on the web or send us an email, we make sure to react and respond in a timely manner.  We also make sure to carefully look at every situation presented to us so we can continue to improve and meet your needs. 

If you have any question or concerns or would like to give us feedback, you can send us an email by visiting our Contact Us page.

World AIDS Day 2011: Getting To Zero

London Eye on World AIDS Day

London Eye on World AIDS Day

Sydney Opera House on World AIDS Day

Sydney Opera House on World AIDS Day

Paris City Hall on World AIDS Day

Paris City Hall on World AIDS Day

White House on World AIDS Day

White House on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day and this year’s theme is centered around getting to 3 Zero’s:

1) Zero New HIV Infections: the CDC estimates that 33.3 million people worldwide have HIV, with 1.2 million of those in the United States (with an expected 50,000 new cases in America each year) these cold hard facts display the urgent need for awareness, testing, and preventative measures across the board

2) Zero Discrimination: the negative stigma and assumptions about AIDS only enable the disease and its nickname as the Silent Killer, social awareness and tolerance will help those who are infected seek treatment and take precautions

3) Zero AIDS Related Deaths: according to the CDC, only 1/3 of the 15 million people living with HIV worldwide are receiving the treatment they need to decrease death rates and improve quality of life

How To Help Raise Awareness:

  • Educate: Understanding the facts about the prevalence of AIDS as well as the methods for prevention will encourage action and encourage communication.  By talking about this international epidemic we can all do our part to increase awareness, participation, and reduce stigma.
  • Participate: there are events worldwide including but not limited to: concerts, art and comedy shows, bar and club events, walks, and religious observations…most of them are focused on being fun while you help out!  Use your local news outlets to find agencies, religious institutions, or universities near you who are doing their part for the cause. CBS local for example, has websites for cities all across the US and their respective AIDS Day 2011 commemorative events.
  • Fundraising and Donations: there are numerous websites are in place where you can not donate money, get ideas for ways to start your own fundraiser, or support merchandisers who donate a portion of their proceeds to AIDS charities:
  • Text “LIFEGIFT” to 20222 on World AIDS Day to donate just $10 to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation 
  • UNICEF makes it easy to set up monthly donations and outlets for volunteering if you would like to donate your time
  • AIDS LifeCycle offers great fundraising tips as well as organizes an annual bike ride
  • The RED Campaign started with Gap, but now includes numerous other retailers…use this site to shop for holiday gifts!
  • One Hope Wine donates HALF of all of their proceeds to fight AIDS