Happy (Almost) 2012!

NYE Ball

Whether you prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve with glitz and glamour or by lounging on the couch with a few close friends, there’s one thing everyone has in common—the traditions!  For example, have you ever stopped to think about where New Year’s resolutions came from!?  Below are some fun facts about our common New Year’s rituals:

  • Resolutions: They are said to have been started in 153 B.C. with the mythical Roman King Janus, who with two faces could look back to the past and forward to the future.  Romans started making these promises to make amends with their enemies based on King Janus’s ability to reflect on the past while looking forward.
  • The ball: The New York Times ball has been around since 1904, when people used to use this elevated public “time ball” to synchronize their pocketwatches
  • Global “good luck” traditions:
    • United States: Originating at masquerade balls, people kiss at midnight to symbolize the evil spirits from the old year being purified into the New Year.
    • Spain: Twelve grapes are traditionally eaten at the stroke of midnight to bring good fortune for the year ahead.
    • Norway: Rice pudding is prepared with a whole almond hidden inside, the person who gets the “lucky almond” is said to become wealthy in the New Year.

However you celebrate this weekend, we want to wish our customers and their families a happy and safe New Year!  Share your 2012 resolutions (or favorite traditions!) in our “comments” section below:

Happy Kwanzaa!


Today is the start of Kwanzaa, which is celebrated every year from December 26th through January 1st.  The holiday is a cultural (non-denominational) celebration of African-American heritage.


It is centered around celebrating 7 principles:

  1. Unity
  2. Self determination
  3. Collective work and responsibility
  4. Cooperative economics
  5. Purpose
  6. Creativity
  7. Faith


Like Chanukah, each day an additional candle is lit to observe each of the 7 principles.  On the eve of the final day, December 31st, a feast is prepared and family and friends play music and make crafts.  These homemade gifts are then given out the following day, January 1st to recognize the principles of tradition and sharing.

Uniform Advantage wishes all of our customers, employees, and friends who celebrate Kwanzaa a very happy and special holiday!

Merry Christmas from UA!

To all of our customers, employees, and friends celebrating Christmas today…we hope that you are having a safe and happy holiday with your friends and family!  We know most of you spend all year caring for others, so enjoy the well-deserved break with your loved ones this holiday.   Kick back by a warm fire and enjoy the gift-giving, delicious food, drinks, and most of all each other!

For you “day after Christmas” shoppers, treat yourself to a stylish and practical gift that you can use all year round—scrubs!  We have holiday prints on sale, solids that transition effortlessly from season to season, and are always adding new, fun prints so check back!  Like this fun snowflake top, which can be worn all winter long:

HU6SNB Snowflake Art Black Print Scrub Top
HU6SNB UA Snowflake Art Black Print Scrub Top

Uniform Advantage wishes everyone a joyful and healthy celebration!!

Happy Chanukah From UA!


For those who aren’t familiar with the origins of the holiday, Chanukah is the celebration of the re-dedication of the holy temple in Jerusalem after the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C.E. It is celebrated for eight nights because, according to the story, the Jewish soldiers had enough oil to illuminate the menorah for one day, and it miraculously lasted for eight.   For this reason, Chanukah is also known as the “Festival of Lights”.

Here are a few of the most common Chanukah traditions:

  • The Menorah: Each night for the eight nights an additional candle is lit using the “worker candle” which is the center, more elevated candle on the Menorah.
  • The Dreidel: In this game, people spin the dreidel (which has Hebrew letters on each of the four sides) with hopes of winning gelt (chocolate coins).


  • Fried foods: Since Chanukah celebrates the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days instead of just one, foods that are cooked in oil are especially popular for this holiday. One such food is potato pancakes, or “latkes”. These are made with potatoes, onion and either matzah (unleavened bread) or breadcrumbs. Many people eat this dish with applesauce or sour cream on top. Another fried Chanukah dish is called “Sufganiyot”, or jelly-filled doughnuts.

Potato LatkesSufganiyot

Happy Chanukah to our Jewish friends, employees and customers!

Light Up the Festivity at Work

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean that you can’t be fun and festive this holiday season.   You just have to put on your creativity hat (or Rudolph antlers!) and be merry while work appropriate.   Here’s how UA’s corporate office and fulfillment center celebrated the holidays in their unique ways:

Group Christmas Day

1.       Tacky Christmas Day & Toy Drive: today at the UA corporate office in Florida it is “Tacky Christmas Day”, where employees are wearing their tackiest holiday apparel as well as participating in a toy drive for Good Shepherd Orphanage in Haiti (photo evidence of our wacky holidaywear can be found in our “Corporate Tacky Christmas Day” Facebook album)

2.       Workstation Decorating Contest & Toy Drive: yesterday our fulfillment center in Georgia had a workstation decorating contest as well as a toy drive for Toys for Tots (check out the impressive pictures in our “Fulfillment Center Workstation Decorating Contest” Facebook album thanks to photographer Dan Lineback)

How is your workplace celebrating the holidays this year?  Even if you are restricted to scrubs, try rocking some festive holiday earrings, a bow in your hair, or some spirited holiday scrubs!


Happy Holidays!

Have a Healthy Holiday Season!

This time of year the list of holiday parties we have to bring food to seems to be ever-expanding.  While the norm may be to bring something like boxed brownies or cookies, this year get out of the rut! Bring a healthy dish to keep energy levels high and that New Year’s dress fitting just right.  We’ve compiled a list of party-ready foods that are easy and wallet friendly options for your holiday event lineup:

Healthy Holiday Party Ideas

  1. Bruschetta~ authentic Italian appetizer that doesn’t get any easiertop a slice of Italian bread with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and basil—viola!
  2. Guacamole~ avocados help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, an added tip:  mix in diced tomatoes for additional antioxidant power
  3. Veggies and hummus (or greek yogurt based dip) ~use the red and green veggie colors to your advantage to spruce up your veggie display!
  4. Fruit and cheese plate~  crowd favorite, try a fruit dip made from vanilla  yogurt and cinnamon for a sweet kick
  5. Whole grain crackers and lean meats~ pack a protein punch with lean meat slices (roast beef and turkey are generally lower in fat than ham)
  6. Mini soup shooters~ serve a veggie based soup like tomato or broccoli in small plastic cups that will be easier for guests vs. a spoon…soups are a great low-calorie way to warm & fill up
  7. Smoked salmon and whole wheat toast~ salmon is a winner all around, it combines easily digestible protein and Omega-3 fatty acids to provide muscle, heart, and brain benefits
  8. Spinach quiche~ use a whole wheat crust and a hefty heaping of this superfood (chock full of iron and calcium)
  9. Low-fat bean dip with whole grain chips~ legumes are a great source of fiber and protein, reducing cancer risks, improving blood glucose & blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol (no brainer!)
  10. Bite-sized desserts~ small portions allow guests to sample a couple different types of dessert while watching waistbands… an added tip: if the recipe calls for white flour, try ½ white ½ whole wheat…makes it healthier and the difference is undetectable!

What is your favorite “healthy holiday” dish?

Keep the Stress in Check This Holiday Season

Let’s not forget…the holidays are supposed to be a break to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.  But with (seemingly) endless errands to run, gifts to buy, dishes to prepare, and lights to light break can quickly become breakdown.  We’ve compiled tips to de-stress from several sources, and would love if you shared your own!

Keep the Stress in Check This Holiday Season

1. Just say no.  Take a deep breath, prioritize which events or commitments are most important to you, be realistic and remind yourself there’s only so much time (and sanity!)

2. Give back.  Whether its volunteering or donating to a toy or food drive, helping those in need will have a positive effect on your holiday outlook (and sets a great example for toy-crazed kids)

3. Let it out. There’s power in numbers…do your present or grocery shopping with a friend and vent, after shopping treat yourselves to a soothing cup of green tea or a peppermint stick.

4. Reign in the sugar.  Fluctuating sugar levels can make you depressed and bloated (and even more anxious over weight gain when the time comes to make those resolutions!)

5. Don’t forget “me”.  While you’re out grabbing gifts to impress for those around you, get something small for yourself that will help alleviate stress—think holiday scented candles, a new book, or bubble bath to keep calm.

6. Keep the focus.  These are holiday memories in the making, so slow down and laugh with the people around you!