Thank You to our Customers!

Here at UA, Customer Service is our highest priority and we strive daily to exceed customer’s expectations.  So we want to say THANK YOU to all of the customers who have given us feedback over the past year, so that we can keep improving to best help you! Here are a few of many notes we’ve received from our valued customers:


From Debbie:

I just wanted to let you know I am spreading the word at work (at a local hospital) about how beautiful and affordable your tops are.  We have a uniform sale here twice a year, their plus size tops range from $26 to $30 and of course selection is very limited.  I was so frustrated I went online as soon as I got home and ordered my tops from you.  I was THRILLED to be able to get six tops, with shipping, averaging $10.60 each!  And received them only 3 days after placing my order…  WOW again!  Can’t wait to show them off at work.   Thank you so much.

From Linda:

I just received my second order from UA.  I just want to let you know how pleased I am with quality and service your company provides.  All three fit well and am very pleased with the quality and price. I work in a pharmacy that recently changed their dress code standards and until I came across your catalog I thought I’d never find any tops in navy with pockets.  UA is a life saver!

 From Eric:

“I have shopped twice on your website for my girlfriend and the quality of the products I have bought have been excellent and I will continue to shop with you.  Thank you!

From Victoria:

Thank you for such prompt service. I don’t believe I have ever gotten an order so fast.

 From Roseanne:

Your site was recommended to my by a classmate and I am really happy with it. I was able to find what I needed in the color I needed. Very good prices on your scrubs too, the best prices I’ve seen online.

From Madelyn

It is the easiest site of all the uniform sites to navigate. I buy from you because of the quality of the uniform fabric and the ease in which to buy it. Thank you

From Kristi

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I wear skirts all the time and I was so excited to see that y’all have long scrub skirts!! I’ll be ordering every color!  I’ve tried making my own, and they’re just not great, and time consuming to make, but I was very excited to see that you all carry these and in multiple colors! Keep ‘em coming!!

From Marcy

I want to thank you for your help and taking care of my return. I had omitted the return invoice by mistake and emailed you with the item number. I appreciate the wonderful customer service I received, which today seems to have all but disappeared. I thank you again!

From Mary

Only website I use for scrubs – Thank you for making shopping for “work clothes” such a pleasure.

Have a question about your order? Finding the right size? Let us help! You can contact our expert Customer Service team today to assist you by phone, email, or live chat!

Putting the YUM in the Holiday Season!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and is also the season where spare time seems to be nonexistent!  So we’re making it easy for you this year and bringing you party-ready treats for you to bring into work for your co-workers (while you all have on your winter holiday scrubs of course), make for your neighborhood gathering, or even save for family on Christmas day!  Let us know if we forgot any, we’d love to hear your favorite festive recipe for the holidays!

Sausage Wreath

Sausage Wreath

Santa Hat Pretzels

Santa Hat Pretzels

Christmas Mice Cookies

Christmas Mice Cookies

Snowman Cheese ball

Snowman Cheese ball

Santa Crackers

Santa Crackers

Olive Christmas Penguin Poppers

Olive Christmas Penguin Poppers

Movember 2012

For those of you unfamiliar with Movember, we’re here to tell you about this campaign that is (literally) changing the face of men’s health around the world.  Men worldwide start Movember, November 1st, clean shaven and then make it their goal throughout the month to grow the most impressive mustache they can.

They become walking, talking personal ads raising awareness, word-of-mouth buzz,  and money for the often ignored issue of men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancers.  As this movement continues to grow on a global scale, there is now mustache merchandise in many stores and mustache-themed fundraising parties. Movember participants nicknamed “Mo Bros” along with the women in their lives “Mo Sistas” have been very successful, raising $126.3 million in 2011.  It is the goal of the organization to change the attitudes that men have about their health, to increase the chances of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of these cancers.

We tracked down some local Movember “Mo Bros” from our Ft. Lauderdale, FL fire department doing their part in the fight against prostate and testicular cancer.

If you would like to learn more about this fundraising campaign or would like to donate to this international effort visit  Do you know anyone participating in Movember?

YOU…Our #1 Priority!

Our goal as a company is to provide our valued customers with not only quality merchandise, but also top quality Customer Service.  We make it our #1 priority to reciprocate the dedication and loyalty that we receive from our customers.  We love receiving feedback from YOU, our customers, so we can continually improve and make sure that we are providing you with the best possible shopping experience.  So thank you to all of customers who take a minute out of their day to let us know how we’re doing and how we can help you best!  

From Thea:

Hi just a short note to let you know that I received my scrub tops and I am very very happy with them. They are a perfect fit. Thank you so much for looking after me so well.

Yours faithfully

From Karla:

I have ordered uniforms from various suppliers for over 10 years and YOUR company delivered FASTER than anyone else, with the best quality and most reasonable price of any uniforms I’ve purchased in the past 3 years. The fabric has not faded or shrunk and the value is definitely there in terms of style.  Thanks. I will do business with only UA Uniform Advantage from now on.

From Jennifer:

I actually just wanted to give you guys a big thank you for getting my order shipped to me so quickly. I ordered it on 4/23 and received it yesterday which was super fast and I only had ground shipping. My uniforms were in excellent condition and fit perfectly. Overall my service received from your company was outstanding. Thank you very much.

From Martina:

Hi, I’m an Italian Veterinary student, I ordered some of yours scrubs, and  arrived today (in 4 days)!!!They are perfect, more beautiful than the images! The sizes are perfect, thanks to the useful size chart! I’m very satisfied with the items! I’ll certainly order in future again!

Have a nice summer! Thanks for your professionalism! :)

From Michelle:

I would just like to thank you for the speedy service.  I placed an order yesterday afternoon and checked on my status this morning to show that it had already been shipped! Very impressive, I will definitely shop from your company again.

From Brittany:

I just received my shipment of uniforms 7-19-2012 and I just wanted to say I was very pleased with my order and the quality of my tops! I will be using this site from now on to do all my scrub shopping! Thank you very much for such a pleasant hassle free process!

From Peggy:

Thank you for responding so quickly with my concerns. Always happy to find a company that truly believes in customer satisfaction. I will be happy to share my experience with others at work where they can find a good company for their uniforms.

Have questions about a product? Need help with sizing or color matching?  We’re here to help! Our Customer Service department is here to make your shopping trip with Uniform Advantage a positive one, so the next time you have a question or need assistance be sure to contact us!  Whether you prefer email, phone, or live chat online we are here for you!

…And They’re Off!

London 2012 Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics have officially begun!  So when you’re not on the couch or at a local restaurant watching the games in action, be sure to keep tabs on them online too.  One of our favorite articles is Mashables “The Must-Follow Athletes on Twitter”.  Based on this article, some of them could part-time as comedians when they’re not training.  Check out some of our favorites here, but be sure to read them all in the article!

Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones (American track and field)

Kevin Love

Kevin Love (American professional basketball player)

Usain Bolt

Usain St. Leo Bolt (Jamaican sprinter)

Another way you can support Team USA, when you’re not watching them of course, is at work!  How you ask?  …Your scrubs! Uniform Advantage has patriotic scrub prints that aren’t just for Memorial Day and the 4th of July, they’re perfect for showing your support for our Olympic Team or our service men and women year-round!

K147PST Koi Scrubs Pop Star Print Top $26.99

K147PST Koi Scrubs Pop Star Print Top $26.99

U8NDE UA Women’s Independence Day Print Scrub Jacket $7.99

U8NDE UA Women’s Independence Day Print Scrub Jacket $7.99

PC62BOS UA Women's Blast of Stars Print Scrub Top

PC62BOS UA Women’s Blast of Stars Print Scrub Top $7.99

TELL US…what was your favorite part of the Opening Ceremony?

Take a Deep Breath for Stress Awareness Day


Today is National Stress Awareness day, is it a coincidence that it falls just one day after the usual April 15th tax filing deadline (we think not).  For many, it’s easier said than done to take some time for themselves and unwind from the day, but this month serves as a reminder that we must.  Stress can trigger a slew of other health complications including stroke, seizures, and heart disease.  Everyone has their own ways to de-stress, whether its reading, jogging, yoga, frozen yogurt with friends, hitting golf balls, retail therapy (new scrubs anyone?), just make sure you make time for it!

Here are some ways that reduced stress can have a positive effect on your life and health:

  1. Boost up your immunity-chronic stress can double your risk of catching a cold because it weakens your body’s ability to fight inflammation.
  2. Keep a happy heart-stress, along with poor diet, and lack of exercise are the major risk factors for heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other coronary complications.
  3. Maximize your memory & decision making –stress has been shown to damage parts of your brain that are involved with memory and learning, and several studies show it may also accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s.  When you’re less stressed, you have a clearer picture of risks and rewards.  Stressed out individuals tend to focus only on the positive side of the decision at hand, thus increasing the likelihood for impulsive actions.
  4. Keep off the pounds-no surprise here, stress makes it harder for us to resist comfort foods and can even encourage junk food cravings.
  5.  Decrease depression-chronic stress can kill brain cells and possibly prevent the creation of new ones in the area of the brain that handles a healthy response to stress.
  6. Slim your stroke risk-a study done at Cambridge University in 2007 showed that lower stress levels led to a 24% lower risk of stroke!
  7. Ban the breakouts-stress has been shown to increase oil production and thus exacerbate skin problems like acne and psoriasis.

Tell us! What tips work for you to keep the stress away?

Thank Your Dental Assistant Week!


This week is National Dental Assistants Week, where we recognize dental assisant’s dedication to their profession and patients.   Did you know that the first dental assistants in 1885 were called “Ladies in Attendance”?

The pioneer dentist who first introduced dental assistants was Dr. C. Edmund Kells, who had his wife help him around his practice, from cleaning up after procedures, keeping teeth dry Dental Assistant for fillings, and to mixing dental materials.  His practice continued to flourish since he was able to see more patients in a day, which prompted him to hire an additional assisant, Malvina Cueria.  This was also a huge step for women’s rights since women were now able to visit Dr. Kell’s office unaccompanied by their husbands.  She later would become a trustee for the American Dental Assisants Association in 1953.  This Association was founded by Juliette Southard who in 1911 was one of the first permanent dental assisants.  Check out the outfit worn by one of these early “Ladies in Attendance” in this drawing, a far cry from scrubs!