How to choose the right colors for your Scrubs

Colors revive the mind, body and soul and it also saps your energies. Have you ever worn one of your favorite colored nursing uniforms and it lifts the mood of your coworkers and patients as they see you? You get a lot of compliments and you feel happy and they feel happy. Everyone’s happy!

There is truth to the energies that colors emit and there is no escaping them as they are all around you. Guys traditionally wear dark colors and women wear all colors and prints depending on their personality and mood. These two things influence your choices in choosing your scrubs and sometimes they conflict with each other.

Colors are a powerful communication tool and it is therapeutic as well as expressive. It is Spring time and a lot of yellows, pinks, oranges, bright shades of greens and blues will be worn as well as purple which is a trendy color this season for nursing scrubs. So what does each color mean? Check out Uniform Advantage’s Color Psychology guide to help you choose your nursing uniforms.


Red is stimulating, energetic and represents survival.

Royal Blue is calm, trusting and reflective.

Green represents harmony and peace and refreshment and restoration.

Pink is all about love, nurture and warmth.

Brown is naturalistic, reliable and supportive.

Orange is also a warm color and represents passion and abundance.

White is hygienic and simple.

Purple is meditative, spiritually aware and truthful.

Black shows security, represents sophistication and efficiency.


What is your #favorite color and why? Leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you!

The meaning of colors when choosing your nursing uniforms


How to choose your Nursing Uniforms using Uniform Advantage’s Body Shape Guide

When you shop for yourself, what is the first thing you think about? Size? Color? Fit? Style? Trendy or Passé? Do you do the same when selecting your nursing uniforms or do you have to switch your brain because it is work related? In anything related to clothing, there are two important things you must consider: Your body’s measurements and your body type.

Hubert Givenchy said it well, “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”

Even though you are looking for medical scrubs for work, you still want to look great and present a confident image. Nurses wear their scrubs a lot more than their personal clothing so in getting to know their body well, they will start becoming more aware of their curves and angles and lines. When choosing the right nursing uniform, there is a wide variety for you to choose from: scrub tops, scrub pants and skirts down to nursing shoes and accessories. You can outfit yourself with mock wrap tops if you are an Hourglass shape, V-neck, side stretch panel tops if you are a Pear shape, boot cut or flared scrub pants if you are an Apple shape, wide leg pants or flared skirts if you are an Inverted Triangle shape and lastly, ruffles or ruching if you are a Rectangle shape. Accentuate your features with the right fit and your choices will naturally complement your personality and style. Happy Shopping!


 knowing your body type

Uniform Advantage secures Exclusivity for Koi’s and Med Couture’s 2 Newest Spring Colors


Uniform Advantage secures early exclusives for Koi’s and Med Couture’s 2 newest colors in their spring collection. For additional information about Koi and Med Couture Scrubs and the different styles and colors offered, please visit

Koi and Med Couture have been part of Uniform Advantage’s (UA) family for 5 and 6 years respectively and have given UA exclusivity for their 2 newest colors this spring. Koi will be featuring Plum and Grape colors and Med Couture will be launching Blush and Marine Blue colors. UA has them exclusively until August 2014 and these are currently displayed in Uniform Advantage’s Spring 2014 catalog.

Koi’s Inspiration

Koi is known for their trendy and fashionable designs and their two newest colors, Plum and Grape, reflect just that. The colors were chosen for their beautiful characteristics and glamorous appeal. Grape is a deep, rich, elegant color. Plum is a bright color with a hint of fuchsia that was inspired by Koi’s President, Kathy Peterson’s trip to India. Both colors are flattering for all complexions. Their Katelyn and Naomi tops and Lindsey pants will be available at UA in these exclusive colors. Also new to UA, is their Kathryn Wild Thing print top. It’s one of their favorites of the season. It incorporates two of the designer’s favorite things: animal prints and shades of purple.

Med Couture’s Inspiration

Med Couture’s fabrics are stretchy and very comfortable and provide a great fit for our medical professionals for their long work days.  The colors for Spring consist of a combination of vibrant shades of Pink and Turquoise. Blush is a medium bright tone of Pink and contrasts nicely with Marine Blue, a colorful shade of Turquoise. These are very trendy and wearable colors for the season and these shades were created as similar ones have done very well in the past for both Med Couture and UA. The coordinating prints are equally tasteful and appealing to all nurses, young and mature.

What new colors would you like to see come to UA? Are there some colors that you just can’t live without!?

A UA Makeover Success Story!

Uniform Advantage Uniform Makeover

Uniform Advantage recently partnered with Dr. Pyle’s Dental Practice in Weston, FL to do a complete uniform makeover.

A uniform look is important to Dr. Pyle because he’s found it makes busy mornings easier for his staff, improves patient perception, and optimizes team morale.  Since they are also located in South Florida, Uniform Advantage was able to go on-site to alleviate the stress that their office manager, Beth, had experienced in the past from the group ordering process.  Beth found that in the past, ordering for the entire office had proved to be a time consuming and exhausting task that was full of returns and exchanges.

When it came time for the staff to get new scrubs, it was Uniform Advantage to the rescue!   Our Outbound Sales team was able to go to the office on their lunch break, in an effort to minimize interruptions to their workday and patient visits.  The UA team came equipped with a variety of samples from several brands that Uniform Advantage carries, and we were thrilled when they picked our very own exclusive, Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA™ brand as their favorite!  Our experienced team helped determine which styles worked best for each staff member based on their body type and personal preferences.  It turned out that some of the styles the staff thought they wouldn’t look good in were their “winning looks”!   Even with a uniform color and matching logos, each staff member was able to look unique and fashionable with their own style in scrub top and pant.  It was a successful (and fun!) day getting to know Dr. Pyle and his staff and helping them look their best, so they can keep the focus on their busy dental practice.

Does your office sound like Dr. Pyle’s?  Enlist the help of our Outbound Sales team by emailing .  Our skilled team can travel locally or work remotely with your staff to bring ease to the ordering process and provide your staff members with a uniform (yet customized) look.

To view the complete footage from our day at Dr. Pyle’s, be sure to visit our very own Uniform Advantage You Tube channel here:  Let us know what you think of the transformations, we think they look pretty spiffy!


Sparkle & Shine in This Season’s Holiday Prints

I stopped in my local mall this past weekend and hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” upon entering confirmed it: holiday season is here!   Below are a few of our festive favorites, but there are many more wintery styles online.   With recently reduced holiday prints starting at $8.99, it’s easy to stay jolly all season long!

H662SGI Santa's Gift Mock Wrap Scrub Top
H662SGI Santa’s Gift Mock Wrap Top

HU86SNR Snowflake Art Royal Button Front Scrub Jacket

HU86SNR Snowflake Art Royal Button Front Scrub Jacket

HU50SNR Snowflake Art Royal 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Scrub Top

HU50SNR Snowflake Art Royal 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Scrub Top

HU6SMB Smitten with Mittens Black Print Scrub TopHU6SMB Smitten with Mittens Black Print Scrub Top

HU6SNB Snowflake Art Black Print Scrub TopHU6SNB Snowflake Art Black Print Scrub Top

HU662TNC Twas The Night Before Christmas Print Scrub Top

HU662TNC Twas The Night Before Christmas Print Scrub Top

Are you ready to get Merry this year?


Good morning, Happy Monday and Happy Pinktober!

Saturday, October 1st, marked the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and here at UA we are well into our fundraising and support efforts! This Sunday, October 9, several UA Team Members will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  This is our third year participating in the walk and we hope to see some fellow South Floridians out there!  So far we have raised over $1,700 and hope to continue to raise money all month.  If you’d like to donate through Team UA for the American Cancer Society, you can do so on our Team Page. 

Another way to help show your support throughout the month of October is to wear pink with pride! (I’d like to add that in the spirit of “Pinktober” I am wearing my pink sneakers, pink sweater and pink scarf today to work :)).  We have numerous pink scrub tops and scrub pants along with a variety of Pink Ribbon Tops online at UA.  Check out this beautiful print from Peaches!


Or show your support with a pink ribbon stethoscope!


Hope you all have a fabulous week!

~ Hannah

And Tomorrow…Fall Begins!

I grew up in South Florida my whole life so it wasn’t until I went off to college in North Carolina that I grew an appreciation for Fall!  Down here leaves stay the same color and the weather stays relatively constant—although less humid, phew!  But almost everywhere else in the country, people get to witness one of my favorite things about Fall—the changing of leaves.  I remember the first time I saw fall leaves up close and personal in college.  I was so excited that I grabbed a bunch off the ground, stuck them in an envelope and mailed them to my family back in South Florida.  Whether they were going to remain bright yellow and red by the time they reached Florida I’m wasn’t quite sure, but it didn’t take away from my excitement!

In addition to leaves, Fall brings out the light coats and jackets we’ve been storing in our closets all summer long.  At UA, we are pulling out our Fall jackets and bringing them to you! For those slight cool days and chillier nights, check out our selection of printed Fall scrub jackets. We have all the right colors and festive prints to help welcome Fall this year.

We love this Wild Black Print Scrub Jacket that marries a black and white contrast with beautiful fall-toned Berry Hot flowers.


Hope you have a great First Day of Fall tomorrow!

~ Hannah