Alegria™ Shoes vs. the Runway!

What’s just as fun as shopping for new Spring clothes?  Shopping for cute Spring shoes!  For those of you in the medical field, neon pumps and floral wedges (as cute as they may be) won’t cut it for the workplace.  So…UA to the rescue!  We bring you UA vs. the Runway: Alegria shoes edition.  We chose Alegria™ shoes because they are the perfect combination of snazzy on-the-job style and all-day comfort. For a refresher on all of the comfort and support benefits that Alegria shoes have, make sure to check out our “Shoesday” post from last Spring.

Sss…nake Print: Dubbed Spring’s “it” texture for everything from skirts to clutches and pumps, snake print works with virtually any color for this Spring and Summer.  If you have “loud” neons or color blocking in the rest of your ensemble, stick with a neutral color snake print accessory, or use it as a “pop” of color and texture if the rest of your outfit is needing some pizzazz.  Alegria™ has several snake print choices in their nursing clogs and slip-ons, so whichever style is your preference, they have you covered!

Miu Miu Python Effects Pumps

Miu Miu Python Effects Pumps

Guess Safiya

Guess Safiya

DEB731 Alegria Women's Debra Black Multi Snake Leather Slip-On Shoe

DEB731 Alegria Women’s Debra Black Multi Snake Leather Slip-On Shoe

ALG723 Alegria Women's Sophistisnake Classic Clog

ALG723 Alegria Women’s Sophistisnake Classic Clog

ALG715 Alegria Women's Brilliant Snake Classic Leather Clog

ALG715 Alegria Women’s Brilliant Snake Classic Leather Clog

Floral Footwear: If you’ve done any Spring shopping so far this season, you know one trend that is everywhere…flowers!  Not every nurse “Scrub-in-ista” however can rock this trend with their scrub tops due to uniform color restrictions or just personal preference toward solid tops.  Rocking the floral trend in your nursing shoes is an easy and subtle way to look RN runway ready.  Look at these uber stylish floral choices that Alegria™ brings us that will be sure to keep your feet happy when you’re on them all day long! 

Report Ray

Report Ray

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood

DON550 Alegria Women's Fantasia Nursing Clog

DON550 Alegria Women’s Fantasia Nursing Clog

SEV343 Alegria Women's Blue Lovely Patent Leather Seville Clog

SEV343 Alegria Women’s Blue Lovely Patent Leather Seville Clog

Color Blocked Clogs:  Want to get in on the color blocking trend that is everywhere right now, while still staying work appropriate?  Check out Alegria’s Blue Stone clog, which add a splash of color blocking to your everyday scrubs ensemble.  This colorful clog is the perfect solution for bringing some mood-lifting Spring color into the stark white of your hospital floor or doctor’s office.

Lady Luxe Yasmine12 Blue Color Block Heels

Lady Luxe Yasmine12 Blue Color Block Heels

SEV583 Alegria Women's Blue Stone Leather Seville Clog

SEV583 Alegria Women’s Blue Stone Leather Seville Clog

Do these Spring styles put you in the shoe mood?  We sure hope so because the Win-it-Wednesday fairy told us she wants to start including nursing shoes in on the fun sometime soon!

Stethoscope Care!

Recently we have expanded our online store to include stethoscopes made by Uniform Advantage and Littmann, and so we thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to care for and clean your stethoscope. Regular cleanings are important for the safety of you and your patients, as an unclean stethoscope has the potential to be a vector of infection. This is especially true if you are an EMS worker. 

UAS107PR - ua stethoscope

A recent study suggests that one in three stethoscopes used by emergency workers is contaminated with MSRA, a potentially fatal bacterial infection. It might sound scary, but the spread of bacteria can be easily prevented by cleaning your stethoscope at least once a week. Here are some useful tips on how to clean your UA or Littmann stethoscope.


  • First remove the ear tips, as this will allow you to clean your stethoscope thoroughly.
  • Wipe the entire surface of the diaphragm and bell with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution; this can reduce the bacterial count up to 94%.
  • The tubing can be cleaned by using a cloth moistened with a mild soap solution, followed by drying and swabbing with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • To prevent the tubing from cracking and drying, clean the tubing monthly with a vinyl protectant such as Armor-All.
  • NEVER immerse your stethoscope in any kind of liquid or subject it to any sterilization process or else it will be ruined.
  • Keep your stethoscope away from extreme heat, cold, solvents and oils.
  • You may be tempted to cover the surface of the bell and/or diaphragm to keep it clean; however you should never do this as it can change the frequency characteristics of the stethoscope, resulting in an incorrect or incomplete diagnosis of your patient.

CARDIO3_HUNTE-Littmann Cardiology

Hopefully you will find this information useful in the care and cleaning of your stethoscope. If you don’t own one, please visit our website for a variety of stethoscopes made by Littmann and UA. Shop with confidence at!

Give the Gift of Scrubs!

Are you stuck trying to find the right gift for those “exciting” holiday exchanges at work? Or is the thought of waiting in dreadfully long lines just not what you signed up for. We know how difficult it can be trying to find the right gift for your friend or loved one. So what are you waiting for? Shop for what you need from the comfort of your home. Our online store is open 24/7 for your convenience.

Are you shopping for a nurse or a nursing student? Is your gift for a dental hygienist, or a veterinary professional? No matter what you need, we have it for here at Uniform Advantage. What better way to express your love and appreciation for them than with something that they will wear every day – a brand new set of medical scrubs.
We have great deals on holiday scrubs marked down from $9.99! But do not let the price fool you. These are high quality, professionally made scrubs, crafted for durability as well as comfort all day. But that is not all we have for gift ideas.

UA Womens Scotty Holiday Pink Print Scrub Jacket

We also have bargain deals on top name brand medical shoes, medical accessories like Littmann Stethoscopes, tote bags, stuffed plushy bears, and watches.

Medical Shoes & Accessories
Medical Shoes & Accessories

And do not forget that we also have a great selection of professional medical lab coats. With all of the options here, we know that it may be a challenge to find something unique to give; so why not pick up a Gift Certificate to our Online Store at Uniform Advantage and let them stop by and shop for what they want.

Whichever way you want it, a special deal or a gift certificate, we know that shopping for your holiday gifts here at Uniform Advantage will be the perfect place to let them know you care.

Hot Deals for the Holidays

For a full line of UAScrubs & Brand Name scrubs, including medical shoes & accessories, please visit Uniform Advantage.