Win it Wednesday~featuring Maevn Uniforms!


Ever since they graced our catalog cover back in June, we have been in love with Maevn uniforms! Their Blossom collection has a soft stretch that flatters your figure and  keeps you feeling comfortable all day! Triple stitching ensures that your scrubs will be durable enough to last through even your more rigorous workdays.  New warm, cozy colors Wine w/Pewter and Charcoal w/Red are the perfect additions to your fall wardrobe lineup.  Respond below and you could be one of 6 lucky winners to win a free Maevn scrub set!

Out of the entries submitted, we will randomly choose 6 winners (using, who will then receive a FREE Maevn scrub set in the style and/or color of their choosing!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  Note: Your comment will stay “hidden” until the contest period ends so that answers are not visible to other contestants. The contest ends Sunday 9/15 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 9/16.

Question: How many colors does Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top come in, and which is your favorite?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries, Facebook comments cannot count as entries
  • We’re sorry, prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only due to varying international shipping rates and customs charges (you can enter as an international customer if you have a friend or family member with a U.S. shipping address you can send them to)
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation and to Maevn for sponsoring!

659 thoughts on “Win it Wednesday~featuring Maevn Uniforms!

  1. It comes in eleven colors. I like the charcoal. The winter months are fast approaching and it looks soooo warm!

  2. I truly love the look of these new scrubs. I just received my nurses license and need some uniforms to get started.Out of the 11 colors I like the Navy it is what we will be needing. I also like the cecil blue.

  3. There are eleven (11) colors to choose from. My favorite color is Wine.

    Although the contest states MA1202 , I would like to point out that MA1202, seems to have 4 pockets, because one pocket I believe on the left side has a pocket within a pocket. I am only pointing this out, because MA1102 seems to have 3 pockets. It also has eleven (11) pockets and my favorite color is still Wine.

  4. There are eleven styles with the maven three pocket scrubs, there are very comfortable and holds their color very well.

  5. The MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top comes in 11 colors. My favorite would be the Royal Blue because that is my “school color”. I am a school cook and wear scrubs!!

  6. Style# MA 1202 Maevn Blossom 3 pocket top comes in 11 colors ( Wine, Black, Navy, Charcoal) I’d love to win a Navy set! Hope I am the Lucky winner! I love these scrubs from Uniform Advantage and I haven’t ever won anything before so this would be so neat!

  7. Eleven beautiful colors and my favorite is wine. I have to admit it was hard to pick just one favorite color. :)

  8. There are eleven colors of Maevn tops in the style MA1202. My favorite is the Passion Pink- I love anything pink! Thank you for the contest.

  9. There are 11 different colors to style MA1202. My favorite?? It would have to be the Pacific Blue or the NEW charcoal! I just love these scrubs!!!!

  10. 11 colors & Pacific Blue is my Favorite. PLEASE PLEASE pick me!! I am dying to try these out. I LOVE the colors available & the different color thread!! So stylish.

  11. My favorite is the charcoal grey with red! It’s so cute I have a filler figure and have so much trouble finding comfortable scrubs! The stretch would help keep me comfortable while I chase the kiddies around the office all day!

  12. Macanese 1202 comes. In eleven colors. Passion pink is my favorite because no matter how crazy my hair is by the end of day Pink always makes me feel put together and confident

  13. I am a new nurse but have been in the health care field for years. I have always bought from uniform advantage but buying online makes it hard to find a “new” brand of favorable scrubs. I would love to win these scrubs and hopefully find my favorite brand of scrubs i can stick with!

  14. The Maevn Blossom 3 pocket top comes in 11 different colors and my favorite color is “pacific blue.”

  15. The Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top come in 11 awesome bright different colors and my favorite is Charcoal !!!

  16. I love scrubs… can’t get enough of them. I wear scrubs more then I wear regular clothes so I like it when they look good, it makes me feel better during the day… it never gets old hearing “love those scrubs, where did you get them”

  17. Yay!!! Another chance to try and win scrubs. I have ordered from you all a few times before and always great service!

  18. How many colors does Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top come in, and which is your favorite?
    Maven Blossom style 1202 comes in 11 colors. My favorite is black!

  19. A nurse where I work has a set of Maeven scrubs & she loves the set. She always comments on how they feel like comfy jammies. She plans on getting more, and recommends them to other staff where I work.

  20. MA1202 comes in 10 different colors. My favorite color is black. My favorite style of pants are the flare MA9102, also in black.

  21. Style # MA 1202 Maevn Blossom 3 pocket Scrub Top comes in 11 different colors. My favorite color is the Passion Pink. It’s very bright & vibrant. The color looks amazing on anyone & these kind of colors will brighten up everybody’s day. I absolutely love UA & this is the reason why they are my uniform shop of choice. I shop here & only here for work uniforms all the time. Love you guys.

  22. Hi!! I’ve been out of work for a few months because I was injured in a car accident. Well, I’m getting ready to go back to work, and now none of my uniforms fit!!!! I guess getting hit by a truck doesn’t hurt your appetite any!! LOL!!

  23. Maevn Blossom 3-pocket top comes in 11 beautiful color each with a different accent color. I love the black with turquoise which gives it just the perfect dab of color.

  24. Only buy scrubs from uniform advantage! Love all the different brands you sell. I am in college and need some more scrubs for school and would love to win a free set!

  25. I have Maevn scrubs they are great.I have tried on other brands but, this is the one that feels best on my skin.

  26. I love your uniforms. They wash very well and I have several of them. Love all the new colors and styles.

  27. That style comes in 11 pretty colors! I like the charcoal the best. It’s the perfect color to take into fall and winter.

  28. MA1202 comes in 11 colors ceil blue, black, charcoal, crimson,hunter,navy, pacific blue,royal,white,wine and my favorite passion pink!

  29. Love these scrubs…so comfortable!! I have told so many people about them and they all agreed. They are the best:)

  30. Love ordering from UA!! Best site ever to get scrubs! Great prices and delivery is fast :) will never order from anywhere else :)

  31. I love the scrubs from UA. The price is right and I have never been disappointed. I hope I win a free set, I could let all my work members know and they would be excited to order from UA scrubs too.

  32. I just star my new job as medical assistant I am so exited first job ever thanks for my family and kids they always support me with out them this goal will never will happend in my life . now I have to look for uniforms . Since they are so expensive I would like to win this contest with a great presentation I will be shining my first day. 😄😏

  33. The MA1202 comes in 11 colors and my favorite is definitely the Navy and crimson, can’t choose between the two

  34. Uniform Advantage!!

    Please pick me to win a free set of Maevn Scrubs! I love all your scrubs and would love to try a set of Maevn Scubs. They are very gorgeous and Im sure all the girls at work will be asking where I bought them from. Of course I will say from your website!

  35. Maevn 1202 comes in 11 colors. My favorite is the Passion Pink.
    I really like the 3 pockets on the bottom and the top pocket.

  36. MA1202 has 11 colors available. Although my favorite of the 11 colors is Passion Pink, my employer requires I wear Navy Blue. But they are super comfy!

  37. Maevn blossom 3 pocket scrub top comes in 11 gorgeous colors and the hunter green is my personal favorite!

  38. I think they come in 11 colors and am loving the wine with pewter. I think i am needing to add more to my fall colors wardrobe and this would be a fab way….

  39. With 11 different colors, how can you pick only one of the Maevn Scrubs Blossom 3-Pocket Top! The newest wine with pewter has to be my favorite as it is the newest and a great fall color!

  40. The Maevn Blossom 3-pocket top comes in 11 fabulous colors! My personal favorite is Wine for fall, and passion pink for spring/summer!

  41. I think there are approximately 16 colors and I havent actually ever worn this brand yet I might just order me a pair to try them out

  42. The Maven MA1202 top comes in eleven different colors and my favorite is Pacific Blue.

  43. Maevn Blossom 3 pocket top is available in 11 beautiful colors. The pacific blue is my favorite color because it gives a sense of openness, freedom, never ending imagination like the ocean.

  44. Awesome style and colors…SO hard to choose out of the 11, but if i have to choose one i will pick the Charcoal with red accents! :D

  45. I would love to win this :-) . I’m currently going to AMA school and this would be great to wear while going.

  46. 11 Colours and my favourite colour is Wine or Passion Pink one for subtle days and one for feeling out there to liven up the department.

  47. I have really been wanting to try these scrubs . I’m peite and recently lost a lot of weight n its hard to find scrubs the charcoal with red sounds nice

  48. How many colors does Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top come in, and which is your favorite?
    There are 11 different colors.
    My favorite color is Passion Pink.
    I love Maevn Blossom Scrubs!

  49. Maevn scrub tops come in 11 great colors…my favorite is HUNTER! I would love a new set of scrubs to welcome Fall! :-)

  50. There are 11 different colors MA 1202 comes in. My favorite color is crimson, such a crisp new, rich color. Thank you.

  51. Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top comes in 11 colors and my Favorite is the Ceil Blue! its so pretty.

  52. wow it would be wonderful to win something nice to wear to work, and you have our colors in our new mandated colors for work. Winning would be great advertisement where I am employed. Many thanks for the opportunity.

  53. There are 29 color choices for Style # MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3 pocket top! My favorite is the wine color! Hope I am lucky to win it!

  54. It comes in 11 colors and my favorite would have to be black, since that’s the color I have to wear to work. :)

  55. The Maven Blossom 3 pocket scrub has 11 colors, although I have to wear Navy (or white) at work, I’d pick the Wine as my favorite color. It’s such a soft pretty color. The Navy is a very nice looking Navy as well that I’d love to wear at work.

  56. The Meavn scrub blossom 3-pocket top are available in 11 colors: Wine, Passion pink, Crimson, Hunter, Pacific blue, Ceil Blue, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Royal, and White. My favorite color is Crimson because it goes great with my warm skin color :)

  57. Maevn does come in 11 colors but the one I like the best is the Pacific Blue since it reminds me of the water in Hawaii.

  58. The Maevn Blossom 3- pocket top style #MA1202 comes in eleven colors. All the colors are great shades, but I have to say that Royal is my favorite color.
    Royal looks great with my completion. Its a bright and cheerful color. I get lots of compliments from my patients when wearing royal.

  59. Maevn “Blossoms” in 11 beautiful colors. The blues make me happy :)))) This is so important for the Dental Assistants at our school who love making smiles :)))))

  60. The Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top (Style# MA1202) comes in eleven awesome colors. My favorite color of them all is the passion pink however they are all amazing colors.

  61. Question: How many colors does Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top come in, and which is your favorite? 11

  62. There are 11 colors in this style. It’s a toss up between Passion Pink and Pacific Blue as my favorite color.

  63. HI, all the uniforms are very pretty . I wear red pants and black pants Red is really hard to fine where i live your catalog has many colors
    i like this and i will be back to see more often Thanks .

  64. Maeven Scrubs are Great! There are 11 colors to choose from and I am very fortunate to say I can wear all the colors to my job as an RN.

  65. The Maven MA1202 top comes in 11 colors. I’m a sucker for blue and of the shades of blue it comes in, Navy is my favorite. Such a cute style!

  66. Would love to win a free pair of scrubs! Just started back on the floor as a bedside nurse and I need to buy new scrubs. Fresh start!

  67. Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top comes in11 different colors and the one i like the most is crimson. I have gotten many different tops and bottoms from here and the fit is just right and the prices are below a lot of store prices. I have always been pleased with my orders

  68. The style MA-1202 comes in 11 colors …. My favorite set is Black because it represents the color I wear in the SLCC PRACTICAL NURSING program!

  69. I just graduated from nursing school in May. I took and passed the NCLEX in June and started working as a ER nurse in July. My scrub wardrobe is very limited!

  70. Well hello! This such a GREAT IDEA! gets people talking about your products. If Uniform Advantage is recommending some new scrubs then I can’t wait to try them out! Hopefully I will win! Thanks CARLA R.T. (R)

  71. These new colors are beautiful! I just recently retired my favorite scrub bottoms that were also charcoal colored.

  72. The Maevn scrubs are in two colors; the wine/maroon/purple, and the pewter/gray/slate. I personally love the maroon color, I think it’s good for fall….now if only I could find Crocs that color…

  73. Style#MA1202 Meavn Blossom 3-Pocket top comes in 11 different beautiful colors-Wine, Passion Pink, Crimson, Hunter, Pacific Blue, Ceil Blue, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Royal, White.
    My favorite happens to be the ceil blue and that’s what I wear at work. Although any product from Uniform Advantage are always the best which I never regret buying. I tried to convince my colleagues at work that even if you don’t dress cooperate, you can till look smart on scrubs. I love it when patients at work tell me how nice my scrubs looks on me,thanks to UA, you guys rock!

  74. There are 2 MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket coming in which is Wine with Pewter and Charcoal with Red and my favorite is Charcoal with red.

  75. Maevn Blossom 3 pocket top comes in eleven different colors and I like the passion pink the best. I love the comfort & style of the Maevn brand.

  76. Maevn Blossom Style #MA1202 comes in eleven colors. My favorite color is Wine with Pewter.
    Love scrub top. Will need 33 to 34 inseam pant to be long enough. Hospital color starting 12-1 is Wine. Need to win a set! Waiting for your email.

  77. I would love to win a scrub set, because I just started my MA training at my high school and it would be very helpful to me.

  78. I love this site, you can always get quality at affordable prices, it’s tough in todays economy, it helps to get my uniforms and discount prices

  79. the ma1202 has 11 colors to choose from and I really love the colors Charcoal, Hunter, Wine and Pacific blue. I have started the can classes and looking for different colors to wear for the fall.

  80. Love, love, love the styles keep them coming I look forward to getting my catalog to see all the new designs and colors

  81. 11different ones. Love the look of them all but honestly don’t know how they would fit. Would love to find out ;-)

  82. I love the floral fall colors.absolutely love how this scrub top hugs you in all the right places and still allows you to move. They are made to last with the triple stitching. I tell all my computer workers to try them.

  83. I like UA because they have a lot nice uniform u don’t find anywhere else, plus their they cheaper.

  84. Maevn Blossom 3 pocket scrub top style #MA1202 Comes in 11 colors (wow) my favorite is Crimson. “Beautiful”

  85. The Maven Blossom 3 pocket top comes in 11 (eleven) colors. Wine, passion pink, crimson, hunter , pacific blue, ceil blue, black, charcoal, navy, royal and white.

  86. Love scrub sets from UA, it’s where my first three sets of scrubs came from. They’re comfortable and stylish, making you feel a lot more confident and happy at work!

  87. The top comes in 11 colors. There are several colors that i like. But I like the lilac color the best. It is bright and cheerful.

  88. Style #MA1202 Maven Blossom has 11 gorgeous colors. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Royal Blue. I love the style & pricing. I have shopped a lot of on line catalogs but UA has the best prices & quickest ordering & delivery. UA is my one stop shopping place.
    Love your uniforms
    Shirley Gates / Medical Records Manager.

  89. Style MA1202 comes in 11 colors! Wine, passion pink, crimson, hunter, pacific blue, ceil blue, black, charcoal, navy, royal, and white! My favorite color is Ceil blue!

  90. The Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top, Style # MA1202, comes in 11 colors. I would have to say that my favorite would be Royal.

  91. I had such complement with all the scrub tops that I have bought from you guys that I am definitely be recommending you guys t and I’ll be purchasing from you guys in the future.

  92. There are 11 different colors that the Maevn Blossom 3-pocket tops come in and my favorite would have to be the wine color. Its such a beautiful color.

  93. Style# MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top comes in 11 great colors which each have second color that accents the primary color. My favorite color is Wine because it is a rich color that is accented with pewter. It will be a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe!

  94. It comes in 11 colors. My favorite is Pacific Blue. It’s the same color as my nice, brand new car! I’d love to have a scrub set to match! :)

  95. There are 11 available colors. My favorite would have to be the black with blue stitching. So chic!!

  96. it comes in 11 colors and my favorite is a toss-up between pacific blue and hunter. pacific blue if i absolutely had to choose though!!

  97. Gorgeous Scrubs
    Brilliant deep colors
    Updated styling
    Quality fabric
    Pajamas no more!
    MA1202 blossom come in 11 colors and my favorite is charcoal.

  98. I LOVE this brand of scrubs!! They are durable and are the MOST comfortable scrubs that I have ever worn! I am new to the health care industry and I have spent a lot of money on scrubs that I don’t like! BUT I have found a favorite in these!

  99. Maevn 1202 comes in 11 different colors. Although I am required to wear it everyday as a nursing intern, It is a really pretty shade – not too red as some other brands are.

  100. Style # MA1202 Maevn Blossom 3-Pocket top comes in 11 colors. Black, Ceil Blue, Charcoal, Crimson, Hunter, Navy, Pacific Blue, Passion Pink, Royal, White, & Wine. My favorite color is the Navy top.

  101. I love shopping on line with uniform advantage. It’s easy and I love the uniforms. I have purchased over 30 items this year and plan to buy more. Great prices!!!!!

  102. I just started a job in a doctors office and I am in need of scrubs. I have never had to wear scrubs so I am not sure of all the name brands but would love to try her brand.

  103. Love the silky scrubs, with the humidity in our area, which is not usual, I can keep cool with this brand. Love, love, love them!

  104. there is 11 fall colors and I love the charcoal, the wine and hunter and pacific blue but the two that are my most favorite is the charcoal and wine….I hope I win one of your scrubs because I just started nursing and love taking care of the elderly people…………….

  105. There are 11 colors: Wine, Passion Pink, Crimson, Hunter, Pacific Blue, Ceil Blue, Black, Charcoal, Navy, White, Royal. My favorite is Royal.

  106. There are 11 colors,plus the new color, wine with pewter. which gives us 12 different color and my favorite is the new color wine with pewter

  107. I would love a pair of Khaki (or any color for that matter) My closet is full of Uniform Advantage scrubs, I’ve recently lost a lot of weight so could use a new set.

  108. I Am Gonna Finish Dental Assistant Courses in the Next Few Weeks!!!! 11 Colors I Love the Passion Pink Soooo Cute!!!!!!!!!

  109. Ma1202 comes in 11 colors and purple is my favorite . That’s color I look the best in. Love these scrubs

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