Win it Wednesday~Featuring Rocky 4EurSole

win_it_wednesdayWe’re so excited to introduce you to one of the newest additions to the UA site Rocky 4EurSole!  This unique collection of shoes has a 3 part system, allowing the wearer to interchange the two insoles, basically creating 3 shoes in 1.   Made with high-quality leather and an abrasion resistant toe cap, these slip resistant shoes are also easy to clean.  Did we mention they come in a rainbow of cute solids and prints!?  Enter now and you could be one of 5 lucky winners to give these innovative medical shoes a test run in your office or hospital!

Out of the correct entries submitted, we will randomly choose 5 winners (using, who will then receive a FREE pair of Rocky 4EurSole shoes in the style and/or color of their choosing!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  Note: Your comment will stay “hidden” until the contest period ends so that answers are not visible to other contestants. The contest ends Sunday 8/25 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 8/26.

Question: Each Rocky 4EurSole pair of shoes can be worn THREE different ways, what are those ways?? (Hint: check out the different product images if you’re stuck!)


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries, Facebook comments cannot count as entries because they are public
  • We’re sorry, prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only due to varying international shipping rates and customs charges (you can enter as an international customer if you have a friend or family member with a U.S. shipping address you can send them to!)
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation!!

485 thoughts on “Win it Wednesday~Featuring Rocky 4EurSole

  1. These shoes consist of a 3 interchangeable system, which can convert to open back, strap back, or full clog.

    I truly would love a pair to try. I have severe Plantar Faccitis and I am forever looking for a pair of comfortable shoes to work these 12-16 hr. shifts as a nurse.

  2. 2 interchangeable insoles and decorative back strap. The shoe can be worn openback, strap back and full back clog.

  3. Have always wanted a pair of these shoes and this would b a perfect opportunity for me to try them out

  4. Hi! These can be worn open back, sling back and full back. they look awesome and I would LOVE to have a pair? Thanks! Lisa Decker, LVT

  5. Open Back, Closed Back and Sling Back are the 3 ways to wear them! I am a Sz 8 if you pick me!!! :)

  6. Thank you for these incentive’s. We love Uniform Advantage and you are the only company we purchase our scrubs for our office. We love the Butter Soft, they are our favorite, and we love all of the new fall colors you have. I have always wanted to get a pair of these shoes, but didn’t want to spend the money. I know they are probably comfortable, but haven’t gotten a pair yet. Thank you.

  7. I wear these shoes and love them. Before I got them my leg and feet use to be tried and hurt at the end of the I would not buy any other shoe to work in

  8. Yes I am in it to win. Nice foot wear while on the job . Yes I can go for that especially working a 12 hour shift.

  9. So excited to try out the new Rocky 4 EurSole shoes! They look so comforfortable and have they cutest patterns!

  10. uniformadvantage gives the opportunity to shop from home. Love the quality of their merchandise and the fast service.

  11. Love the way these shoes look-have never owned a pair. But would LOVE to try them out!!!!!!!

  12. I am going to take a stab at it….shoe,clog and or a slingback. The shoe looks very comfortable!!!

  13. Well we can rock these shoes open back,sling back or full back! Either way these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn!

  14. I definitely like the versatility of this shoe. I would most likely wear them full back. Thanks for the chance @ winning a pair of these shoes.

  15. I would wear these shoes full back. Definitely love the fact that I could wear them so many ways. Love the versatility of this product thanks for the chance @ winning a pair.

  16. These shoes are awesome!! They can be worn sling back, open back, or full back!!! Can’t wait to have a pair!!!

  17. The three different ways to wear these shoes are back, 2. sling back, 3. full back. Hope I win, I could really use a new pair of shoes.

  18. I would love to win these new shoes. Rocky 4EurSole look great. I love that you can wear them three different ways, because I have trouble keeping my feet in shoes because my feet slid very badly. I love all the colors these come in. I also have a very bad back that needs good supported shoes. I need to order new uniforms, I hope you have some new brown family styles. Well I hope I win, I could sure use them and this way I can show my personality by having colorful shoes since we have to wear solid colors. As yo your question open,strap and full back.

  19. I only buy my scrubs from UA, they always have cutest new designs and I LUV the BUTTERSOFT LINE! My coworkers and patients always comment that they love my scrubs and ask where I shop, I never hesitate to tell them.
    I don’t own or have ever tried their shoes but if anything like rest of products you couldnt lose..

  20. They can be worn open back, sling back, or full back:) Thanks!! Would love to win a pair!!

  21. The Rocky 4EUrSole shoe can be worn three diffrents ways Opened Back, Closed Back, or Sling Back

  22. Three different ways to wear Rocky 4EurSole shoes is to have either no back, sling back, or full back.

  23. Three ways to wear the Eurosole shows are full back, sling back, and half back. Great shoes – wear them all 3 ways

  24. I’m proud to wear scrubs from uniform advantage! I really look proffesional in them. I love the customer care given to me each time I visit one of the stores. I give you a big applause for that and you have a variety of choices

  25. Open back, Full back ( my favorite), sling back. All day comfort, I do 13 hour shifts. My feet do not hurt after!!
    What a PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. They can be worn open back, sling back, and full back! These shoes look and sound really cool!! Would love to have a pair!

  27. They have two enter changeable insoles and also a removable back strap to wear with or without back

  28. They can be worn: 1) open Back 2) Sling Back and 3) Full Back
    This is Awesome! and pretty shoes! Can’t wait to see if I win. Keeping my fingers crossed here!
    : )

  29. The all new Rocky 4EurSole exotic shoe can be worn in 3 different ways. Sling back, full back, and open back!!!!

  30. The Rocky 4 EurSole is great because it has can be worn open back, sling back and full back.

  31. open back clog, sling back clog or full back clog……3 ways to wear the Rocky 4EurSole shoes.

  32. 2 interchangeable insoles & decorative back strap, which u can wear open back, strap back, or full back clog

  33. I’d love an opportunity to try out the Rocky 4EurSole shoes! I work in a hospital OB unit and am on my feet 90% of my 12hr shift, so good shoes are a necessity!!

  34. they can be worn with the whole back on, they can be worn with a back strap or they can be just a slip on with no back or strap

  35. The Rocky 4EurSole shoe can be worn as a full back, sling back or an open back; w/ interchangeable in-soles to create the 3 types of shoes.

  36. I’m always ordering uniforms from this company I would love to be a winner to try those shoe. They look great to where.

  37. This unique collection of shoes has a 3 part system, allowing the wearer to interchange the two insoles, basically creating 3 shoes in 1

  38. Open back clog strap back clog and full back clog are the three different ways to ways to wear them

  39. I noticed this ad on my uniform advantage email. The answer to question is you can wear the new Rocky 4eursole shoes 3 different ways including open back, sling back, and closed back.

  40. You can wear the Rocky 4EurSole shoes in three ways: full back, open back and sling back. Each way would be very comfortable.

  41. It has two insoles that allow you to interchange them. You can wear one or the other or put them both together. Wallah the three part system. And you didn’t ask but there is a full assortment of cute colors and prints and they are slip resistant also.

  42. The three different ways The Rocky 4eursole shoe can be worn Is open back ,closed back , or sling back style
    That is my answer for The contest
    Thank you
    Monica hernandez

  43. Each Rocky 4EurSole pair of shoes can be worn THREE different ways which are
    (1) can be worn as an open back style
    (2) can be worn as closed back style
    (3) can be worn as sling back style

  44. Hello, this is Sharon Han-Kim. I am a dentist and am constantly on my feet from patient to patient. Using pedals all the time, my legs and feet get very tiresome at the end of the day… I would love to test run these awesome shoes!!! I hope I can win! Uniform Advantage have provided great products with very best deals on scrubs for me!
    The fact that I ran through this email now, and it’s Wednesday today, I feel very lucky to win this pair of Rocky4EurSole~ I hope to rock my soles on my work days and provide a very pleasant treatments for my patients as my feet feel very comfortable~!
    Please email my winning email @:

    Thank you!!!

    Sharon Han-Kim, DDS

  45. They can be worn 1) as a slip on clog with no backstrap 2) with a backstrap or 3) a clog with a back :)

  46. Rocky 4Euro sole shoes can be worn with a full back, sling back, or as a clog with no back! Sounds cool!

  47. Rocky 4EurSole pair of shoes can be worn as an open back, closed back or sling back style.

  48. The three different ways that they can be worn are: sling back, open back and full back

  49. 2 interchangeable soles…one that is strap and one that is full back..and then to worn without soles as slip on. Would love to try out a pair!

  50. Rocky 4Eursole can be worn as a sling back, closed back, or even a open back shoe making these the best shoe for your money. A 3 in 1 shoe.

  51. Sling back, open back, full back…..I hope I win!…I have been wanting to purchase a pair of these and haven’t yet!…I still wear my Crocs!….Keeping my fingers crossed!…

  52. With the Rocky 4Eur sole, you can wear it 3 different ways; open back, sung back, and full back, and with zero worry in injury due to skid protection with slip free, and in many styles # RH007PGP

  53. These shoes sound amazing would love to have a pair. I work 12 hours so my feet would be happy,happy,happy

  54. Rocky 4Eursole has a 3 part system. You can interchange two insoles on the clog shoe. They can be worn…. OPEN BACK, CLOSED BACK or SLING BACK.

  55. You can wear your rocky 4eurosole shoes three ways which are open back, sling back and full back. Can’t wait to try a pair!

  56. Win it Wednesday- featuring Rocky 4Eursole
    answer is they can be worn Open Back, Sling back, and Full back

  57. Open back, sling back, and full back. I can’t wait to try them out and tell my co-workers about them!

  58. They may be worn as open back, closed back or sling backs. They look lovely and comfortable.

  59. This will allow you to take your shoe with open back, with rotating belt or closed back. It also offers template covered with memory foam and superior technology DOORS

  60. These shoes can be worn in open back, sling back, or closed back! I need some new shoes! These are absolutely adorable!!! :-)

  61. Each Rocky 4EurSole pair of shoes can be worn THREE different ways: Open Back, Sling Back and Full Back!

  62. Sling back! Open back! Full back! What an awesome concept.
    Love the sling back! Just found out our work outfits are changing….I will need the grey. So pretty.

  63. These fancy shoes can be worn open back, sling back, or closed back!! They are adorable!! I want a pair!! :-)

  64. You can wear them open back, sling back, or full back!!!! Don’t forget they are slip resistant too;) Hope I can win so I can try these awesome stylish shoes!!!

  65. The Rocky 4Eurosoole shoe can be worn 1. Open back, 2. Closed Back, or 3. sling back style.
    I have ALWAYS wanted to get a pair of these shoes and have never been able to afford them. I have had to go with crocks and recently slipped in kennels on pee and got my shoe stuck in the drain.. . . . Needless to say I would wear these slip resistant shoes EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!! :) Hope I win!!!!!! SO EXCITED!! :)

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