Win it Wednesday~Featuring NEW Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH


Are you a fan of our Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA collection, but wished they had a little more STRETCH!? Well, you asked for it and we listened! Introducing the BRAND NEW Butter-Soft Scrubs TWILL STRETCH collection.  Made with a blend of 57/40/3 Cotton/Poly/Spandex, these oh-so-soft uniforms will flex and move with you to keep you on the go.  Don’t want to take our word for it? Enter this week’s Win it Wednesday contest below and you can be one of 10 lucky winners to test out one of these scrub sets for yourself! Just make sure you let us know how much you love them after you get them :)

Out of the correct entries submitted, we will randomly choose 10 winners (using, who will then receive a free scrub top and scrub pant in the style and color of their choosing from our UA Butter-Soft Twill Stretch line!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  Note: Your comment will stay “hidden” until the contest period ends so that answers are not visible to other contestants. The contest ends Sunday 8/18 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 8/19.

Question: What are 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries, Facebook comments cannot count as entries because they are public
  • We’re sorry, prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only due to varying international shipping rates and customs charges (you can enter as an international customer if you have a friend or family member with a U.S. shipping address you can send them to!)
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation!!

644 thoughts on “Win it Wednesday~Featuring NEW Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH

  1. Four of the colors are:
    Ceil Blue
    Coffee Bean

    I appreciate how the Ceil Blue color blends so well with other colors, so it doesnt look like you’re wearing the same thing all the time.

  2. Wine, GaGa Pink, Coffee Bean, Ceil Blue !!!! I would LOVE to try the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection! I need a little “give” every once in a while ;-)

  3. Four of the colors are White/Ceil Blue/Wine and Gaga Pink…Good luck to me. Need a new pair of scrubs

  4. Ceil blue, Navy, Pewter, and Gaga pink are 4 colors offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection! I love how comfy the Butter-Soft scrubs are, and I can’t wait to try out this new collection!!

  5. What are 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection?
    2.Gaga Pink
    4. Ceil Blue

  6. Pewter,white, black, and navy. I just got results back after two years of treatments Im CANCER FREE!!! :0)
    I love my job and worked the entire time. you’re buttersoft collection is my absolute favorite!!! So soft and comfy! A nice variety of colors and very stylish. win or lose you have a GREAT PRODUCT!!

  7. white, black, coffee bean and wine. i have the butter soft twill in coffee bean and LOVE them.

  8. Wine, Gaga Pink, Pewter, Navy. Butter Soft uniforms are the best, so comfortable. The only ones I buy.

  9. I love butter soft!! Colors like Gaga Pink, Wine, Black and Ceil Blue are beautiful. Can’t wait to try them with a stretch!

  10. Black w/ gaga pink trim
    Coffee bean w/ cayenne trim
    Pewter w/ turquoise trim
    Eggplant w/ tutu lilac trim

  11. 4 of the colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are Gaga Pink, Win, Coffee Bean and Ceil Blue! My favorite is Gaga Pink!!

  12. I Love UA ecspecially the Butter Soft so I can only imagine that I will like the added spandex.

  13. The 4 of the 8 colors in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are; Gaga pink, wine, pewter, and navy.

  14. I love the colors, and the style looks modern. It is not your typical scrub uniform. The scrubs has the updated touch to it.

  15. Black, coffeebean, navy and, thankfully, wine-thats all im allowed to wear and these look great. Wine is not always available when new collections are offered.

  16. Colors are pink, wine, navy pewter…just love LOVE Butter Soft scrubs….so comfortable and durable and now with s-t-r-e-t-c-h !!! Happy happy in Long Beach, CA……

  17. 4 of the 8 colors currently offered in the butter soft twill stretch collection are gaga pink, white, black and pewter.

  18. Four of the colors currently offered are white, black, navy, and wine… I hope I win some scrubs! Thanks

  19. Butter Soft Twill Stretch comes in Pewter, Navy, Pink, Wine, Coffee Bean, Ceil Blue, White, and Black.

  20. Four of the colors are white, gaga pink, navy, & black. The other colors are wine, coffee bean, ceil blue & pewter :)

  21. Your Butter-Soft Scrubs, are, by far, the most comfortable Scrubs I have ever worn….Thank You, UA

  22. I am a fan of the butter-soft collection from UA. I’ve been in healthcare for about 15 years and have had a bunch of scrubs from different companies, but none as comfortable as UA’s butter-soft collection. Keep up the AMAZING WORK UA!!!!!

  23. Pink, wine ,pewter , navy those are the four colors , I buy them because they are soft , comfort , great fit and they last long .

  24. Colors of the New Butter-Soft Twill Stretch: Gaga Pink, Navy, Ceil Blue and Coffee Bean. These are my favorites!
    Thank You!

  25. The new colors are coffee bean, wine , gaga pink and pewter . I love the feel of the butter soft scrubs !

  26. Wine, gaga pink, pewter, navy

    (I forgot the gaga part last entry oops! My corrected entry bc I could really use these! Thanks! )

  27. Question: What are 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection? Gaga pink, wine, coffee bean and ceil blue

  28. 4 of the colors offered are, black, ceil blue, coffee bean, and gaga pink!!! :-) l love this collection!!! The colors are great!! :-)

  29. The beautiful colors are wine (my favorite! SO pretty!), coffee bean, pewter and gaga pink! I absolutely love these scrubs. They look so comfortable while being stylish and fitting. Happy Wednesday! :)

  30. I have wore scrubs for 34 yrs and have purchased numerous uniforms from Uniform Advantage and 95% are ButterSoft because I love the fit and comfort of ButterSoft. Highly recommend ButterSoft

  31. Four of the colors of the new Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are wine, gaga pink, pewter and navy. Butter Soft scrubs are the best scrubs I have ever worn!!!!!

  32. Me encantan sus uniformes, aunque no los vendan en Colombia. Me encantaría que hubiese un almacén de ustedes en Colombia.

  33. Four of the colors currently offered in twill stretch are WINE NAVY PEWTER and my favorite GAGA PINK :)

  34. I love Butter Soft scrubs. This new stretch twill is exactly the combo of soft and stretch I have been looking for in a uniform. Yay Butter Soft!!

  35. These are some great year round color. I hope to see these stay around until spring so I could wear them year round!!

  36. Annswer: Gaga pink, wine, coffee bean, white.
    If I win I would loveeee!! A pair in gaga pink size small.

  37. I have never worn the stretch twill, but for 20 years I have been wearing uniform Advantage Uniforms item no.447 and 61. they are very comfortable, and they don’t fade

  38. OMGoodness!!! The colors are Wine, Gaga Pink, Navy, Black. These are perfect for me – a massage therapist and Bodyworker. Thank you! OH! PICK ME!!!!! Thanks again. Kathryn DeBaca

  39. I love your scrubs. It is so hard to find comfortable and afforable plus scrubs. Thank you.

  40. I love uniform advantages scrubs. They are all so cute at unbeatable prices. CANT WAIT TO TRY THE BUTTER SOFT TWILL STRETCH COLLECTION. Hope I am a winner:)

  41. Four of the colors offered in the Butter-Soft Twill Stretch collection are: GAGA PINK, COFFEE BEAN,NAVY, AND PEWTER.

  42. Thank you so much for introducing this product! The softness of Butter-Soft along with more flexibility will make for a much more comfortable shift! While I love the ease of wearing scrubs, I always try to find ones with a little more “give”. I cannot WAIT to try these out!

  43. Love the Buttersoft scrubs! They fit better then any other scrubs I have ever worn! Excited for the new twill stretch!!

  44. I love, love, love uniform advantage butter soft scrubs. Really excited about the new stretch!

  45. navy pewter pink and wine. this would be great if I won im starting a new job Mon. and havent been working since Jan.2013

  46. Pink, Wine, Pewter and Navy are four of the colors the Buttersoft Twill stretch line is available in.

  47. 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are gaga pink, wine, coffee bean, and navy. I love the Butter-soft collection! Please select me💖

  48. 4 of the butter soft twill stretch colors are coffee bean, gaga pink, ceil blue, and pewter

  49. Four out of the eight colors of the Butter Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are Coffee Bean, Gaga Pink, Pewter, and Wine.

  50. Gaga pink, wine, navy, pewter, I like the butter soft line because it is just that soft and comfortable, easy care, vibrate colors, hope to win God Bless!!!!

  51. 4 of the 8 colors offered are: gaga pink, wine, ceil blue, and pewter. I love them all, I hope I win!!

  52. I have many scrubs in my closet that stay in the closet! I choose to wear the same outfits over and over again. I found the stretchy soft fabric, high waist line, boot cut leg and umpire waist-line is the perfect fit and comfort for my shape. So, everyday I am in the same style, but different color scrub. This suits me fine. When I find what works, I stick to it. I look forward to purchasing more new colors of scrubs. Thank goodness I found UA.

  53. White, black, navy, and wine are four colors that are offered for the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection.

  54. Love the gaga pink =) 3 other colors are wine,navy & pewter for the twill stretch butter soft scrubs. This is great news I love butter soft scrubs and now they will be better with added stretch. Thank You for adding this.

  55. 4 of the 8 colors available in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH COLLECTION are…….
    Ceil Blue
    Gaga Pink

  56. Gaga Pink, Pewter, Black and Coffee Bean are 4 of the colors for the new Butter Soft Scrubs. It would be hard to choose between the Gaga Pink, Coffee Bean and Pewter, but I think I could do it!

  57. Black, white, wine, and pewter are 4 of the 8 colors currently offered in the Butter-Soft Twill Stretch collection.

  58. I love buying my daughter things. Scrubs are always a sure thing to please her. Plus they are so cute.

  59. I really like the navy, coffee bean, gaga pink and pewter. So glad to hear about the new twill stretch. Looking forward to trying the new feel. I love Barco Scrubs and now I have a better option. Thanks

  60. My co-worker had a butter soft brand and I like the way it fell and thinking about purchase it in the future.

  61. The colors are: wine, pewter, gaga pink and navy from the Butter-soft twill collection.

  62. I love the Butter Soft scrubs!! My picks for the Twill Stretch collection colors are Gaga Pink, Wine, Pewter, and Coffee Bean!!

  63. I love stretch scrubs, and these come in all my favorite colors, navy, black, ceil blue, and pewter

  64. love the new colors gaga pink, wine, coffee bean and pewter; so soft and subtle feels awesome on your skin

  65. 4 of the 8 colors of the new Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are Gaga Pink, Wine, Navy, and Black!

  66. I’d love to get my hands on a pair of these scrubs, you make them sound amazing!
    Four of the eight colors: gaga pink (love this name;)), pewter, coffee bean and navy.

  67. Great idea! White, black, navy and wine. I bet these are really comfortable. Love your uniforms!

  68. Your butter soft scrubs are so very remarkable the best youve come out with. I will truley enjoy these scrubs. They are so comfortable so soft and the added stretch is great. In the line of work i do comfort and stretch is so important. Being a cna you need stretch and comfort so when you move it moves with you. You dnt have to worry about them tearing or ripping. You can move about freely. And thats important.

  69. I get so many compliments on my Butterscrubs! They are now my favorite! Having a uniform color at my place of employment…. Buttersoft designs help me mix up my scrub wardrobe. I have not yet tried the twill stretch.

  70. Hi yes I am a fan of the Butter soft twill stretch collection. Four of the eight colors consist of :black, navy, wine, and coffee bean. I’m a-little overweight so if have some stretch it makes me feel more comfortable and I provide better care to my patients.

  71. I don’t know if my submission went through, so I will submit again the colors that I remember include: black, white, Navy, wine, cocoa bean, pewter, ceil blue, gaga pink! great colors, too bad I can only wear navy

  72. 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection are: Ceil Blue, Navy, Pewter, and Gaga Pink.

  73. Hi Uniform Advantage!
    Four colors of the Twill Stretch collection are Gaga Pink, Pewter, Coffee Bean, and Ceil Blue. Very cute!

  74. Love Buttersoft scrubs and can’t wait to try the Soft Twill Stretch in colors including wine, gaga pink, ceil blue,, pewter and navy.

  75. 4 of the 8 colors in the current collection of Butter-Soft Twill Stretch are: GAGA PINK, COFFEE BEAN, WINE, AND NAVY

  76. Question: What are 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft TWILL STRETCH collection? wine, gaga pink, navy, pewter

  77. Butter-Soft is very relaxing,making a 8 hour shift less stressful.I have worn this type of material in the pass and felt cool throughout my shift.

  78. The 4 colors offered are: 1. Gaga Pink
    2. Ceil Blue
    3. Coffee Bean
    4. Wine
    I really love all of the colors but theses really caught my eye!!

  79. gaga pink, coffee dean, wine and navy are four colors of the butter soft twill stretch collection

  80. Win it Wednesday would be a great time to try out this brand and maybe order more in the future!

  81. Four of the eight new colors for the new twill stretch scrubs are: black, white, gaga pink, navy

  82. The UA Butter-soft TWILL STRETCH is available in Navy, Gaga Pink, Coffee Bean, Black, Ceil Blue, Pewter, White, and Wine.
    I LOVE the stretch scrubs and would LOVE a chance to try some of yours.

  83. 4 colors, wine, gaga pink, pewter and navy. These colors look great and the idea of stretch sounds to good to be true.

  84. 4 of the 8 colors are: wine, gaga pink, pewter and navy. These colors look great and the idea of stretch sounds to good to be true.

  85. 4 of the 8 colors that are currently offered in the Butter-Soft twill stretch collection are: GAGA PINK, CEIL BLUE, COFFEE BEAN, WINE

  86. Four of the eight colors now offered in the new butter soft twill stretch collection include:
    Navy, ceil blue, black, wine.

  87. I love butter-soft solid color scrubs… I have a color for each day of the week. I get a lot of compliments on how good the bright colors look on me. I throw all seven scrubs I used for that week all together in delicate cycle. Also, on delicate cycle on the dryer. I have had these uniforms for over a year and still have the bright color in them..they are so very comfortable and will wear them till they start falling apart. Thank you Uniform Advantage…. Butter- Soft are the only kind I have ever worn and always will wear.

  88. Answer: black, navy, white and wine are some of the cool colors available in the new UA Butter Soft Twill Stretch Scrub lline. I can’t wait to win a pair! :D



  90. To Uniform Advantage,
    I have been buying uniforms for over 30 years. I love your uniforms. They fit beautifully and the designs are fabulous. I bought 8 pieces from you for under 100 dollars. I get numerous compliments and tell everyone about your company.
    Thank you.
    Kathleen Ferrara ( Happy Customer)

  91. I’m going to give you all 8 colors…. Gaga Pink, Wine, Coffee Bean, Ceil Blue, Navy, Pewter, White and Black.
    Pick Me, Pick Me!!!!

  92. I am a recent graduate of medical school i will gladly appreciate testing them out!

    1. Gaga Pink, 2.Ceil blue, 3.Coffee bean, 4.Pewter

  93. I would love to try these. I have a problem with the way pants fit. to get them to fit uptop usually are to tight around the thigh. I would love to see if these will be the new pants for me

  94. Hi Susan, thanks for your response but for it to count, can you comment on today’s Win It Wednesday Blog Post. Thanks!

  95. Oops, Last entry had royal as a color- I see the Stretch twill doesn’t come in Royal!!! So, let’s go with navy, white, pewter, and wine. 👌🎃 Hocus Pocus

  96. All the colors are Beautiful any one would be comfortable to wear I perosnality love the Butter soft streech!!! I have bought them for years!

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