Win it Wednesday~NEW FALL Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA

win_it_wednesday uniform advantage

As many of you can already attest to, our Butter-Soft by UA collection is love at first touch. On top of that, we are bringing you 8 new Fall seasonal colors to choose from that will keep you looking stylish when the leaves start crunching and footballs start being thrown! And what’s better than both looking and feeling great? Winning these scrubs for free of course! Just answer the Butter-Soft Scrubs related question below and you yourself could be in the running for a free set.

Out of the correct entries submitted, we will randomly choose 10 winners (using, who will then receive a free scrub top and scrubs pant in the style and color of their choosing from our Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA collection!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  The contest ends Sunday 8/4 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 8/5.

Question: What are 2 of the 8 BRAND NEW seasonal colors from our Fall Butter-Soft by UA collection?


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Only comments on this original blog post will be accepted as entries
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation!!

849 thoughts on “Win it Wednesday~NEW FALL Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA

  1. Two of the new colors are Moody Blue & GaGa Pink! I would love to win a set of scrubs!!

  2. Tutu Lilac and Cayenne are two of the new colors from the Butter Soft Fall Collection.

  3. 2 new Brand New Colors are Taupe and Cayenne!!! Wonderful colors that I would love to win!

  4. I love the Butter-Soft scrubs. I wear to work everyday. I love the material and it is very soft. when it rains or water spills on it, it falls right off.

  5. Wow the only scrub soft and comfortable for a long day at work! Absolutely love this brand!

  6. 2 of the 8 Brand New seasonal colors are cayenne and tutulilac. I sure hope I win the free set of scrubs!! :)

  7. Well…….Hello ! Two buttery soft exuberant colors for Fall are ………Taupe and Gaga Pink !

  8. Moody Blue and Gaga Pink are two new colors in your amazing butter soft scrub collection!!!!

  9. Gaga pink, and floradora I love love butter soft scrubs, I get a lot of compliments on my uniforms! I would love to win !! I just lost 70 lbs and need new ones.

  10. I LOVE the Butter Soft line, it’s the only brand I buy now. I have my coworkers hooked too

  11. My favorite are turquoise and floradora. They are way cute and some of my favorite colors.

  12. Buttersoft are my favorite scrubs. Super comfortable even at the end of a 10 hour day

  13. I adore the new taupe and cayenne colors of the butter soft scrubs! There aren’t any other scrubs that are as comfy as this line!

  14. Gaga Pink and Red Hot are my 2 fav fall colors and WILL be added to my work wardrobe very soon!!!

  15. red hot** tutu pink and red hot. I hope this counts! I spelled wrong on the original post. oops

  16. I absolutely LOVE my Butter Soft Scrubs more than ANY OTHER scrub I’ve ever owned. I wish I could get EVERY color. The quality is top notch….don’t shrink and don’t fade….at all!! Thank you for making an affordable, extremely comfortable AND quality scrub!!

  17. Two of the eight “Brand New” seasonal colors from your Fall Butter-Soft by UA collection are: 1. Moody Blue 2. Red Hot

  18. 2 of the 8 Brand New seasonal colors from the Fall Butter-Soft by UA collection are Gaga Pink and Red Hot

  19. Gaga pink, moody blue and tutu lilac are some of my favorite new colors, I love the butter soft scrubs!! The only brand I buy because of the true fit and tall size!

  20. Cayenne and floradora. And I love your scrubs and your customer service is amazing! Thanks!

  21. Two of the new Fall Colors are Floradora and Moody Blue!

    I absolutely love my ButterSoft Scrubs!!!

  22. I like the new Taupe and Cayenne colors, because these are not colors co-workers are likely to have. Seems like everyone wears shades of blue, pink & red.

  23. Floradora and Cayenne or the 2 of the new butter soft scrub colors. I love butter soft scrubs-so comfy!!!!!

  24. I love these scrubs…so scrumptiously soft on my skin! i really like floradora and tutu lilac…such pretty colors! :)

  25. I have a few of the Butter-Soft Scrubs and out of all of the different brand of scrubs that I have had, I think the Butter Soft Scrubs are one of the best.

  26. The two new butter soft scrub colors I’m in love with are Tutu Lilac and Gaga Pink. I just received my order and the butter soft scrub pants are soooo soft!!!!!

  27. Love the new colors…Red Hot, Cayenne, Taupe, Tutu Lilac, Moody Blue, Gaga Pink, Turquoise and Floradora. Thanks for thinking about fall.

  28. I can’t decide if the Gaga Pink or the Turquoise is my favorite of the new Butter Soft Collection.

  29. 2 of the 8 BRAND NEW seasonal colors from the Fall Butter-Soft by UA collection are Red Hot and Gaga Pink! I love the UA collection, please select me!!

  30. Two of of the new colors for this season in the Butter-soft scrubs is torquoise and red hot. I personally favor the red hot color. Beautiful colors but these are my two favorites.

  31. Red Hot and Moody Blue are two of the 8 new Fall colors from the Butter-Soft by UA collection.

  32. Here is my “comment”!! Butter-Soft Scrubs have by far been the most comfortable & durable scrubs I own. I only have 3 pair & they have stood multiple weekly washings without fading! I’m a mom of 4, so buying clothes for me is a past time. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!!! I NEED THEM. :)

  33. I’m especially loving the Cayenne from the Fall Butter-Soft collection but I like the Red Hot too. I’m really feeling the new fall colors.

  34. excited about the opportunity to win a butter soft scrub set. i love uniform advantage and their great values and stylish scrubs. always look forward to the new catalogs and exciting new trends and colors. thanks uniform advantage.

  35. Great new seasonal colors for Fall Butter-Soft include Red Hot and Floradora. Love the new names!

  36. My favorites two colors are Cayenne and GaGa Pink. I think these 2 colors would look great on me in the buttersoft material showing off my figure.

  37. I really love the new Fall color selection and I hope I get a chance to model a free set of scrubs. I will also be purchasing a couple pairs soon.

    Thank you

  38. I am in love…with the Butter-Soft collection! The pants fit perfectly and the length covers my shoe! I almost have a pair in every color(almost). Even my patients will comment on the array of colors I have-especially my red Fourth of July Butter-Soft pair.:) I have tried a variety of collections-nothing compares to these. They are so soft and comfortable. I will never go back to another brand!

  39. Two of the eight brand new seasonal colors from the Fall Butter-Soft by UA collection (and my two new favorites) include red hot and moody blue :).

  40. gaga pink, turquoise, floradora, red hot, cayenne, taupe, tutu lilac, moody blue….thanks!!

  41. A few of the brand new fall “Butter- Soft” colors are ;Cayenne, Floradora, Moody Blue, Red Hot, Gaga Pink and Tutu Lilac.

  42. I’ve tried alot of name brand for scrubs and butter soft by far is the best scrubs out there. I love how the fabric feels on my skin during the summer and winter. Working in the hospital transporting patients back/forth in a fast paste environment it can get hot easily, the butter soft fabric is not too thin nor too thick to wear.

  43. Turquoise and Gaga Pink, those would be 2 new colors and my personal favorites, with Cayenne and Moody Blue close behind for my top two! Love Butter-Soft Scrubs!!!

  44. Love all the uniforms I have got through Uniform Advantage. It would be super to win one, Instead of always paying for one. But love all the uniform I have gotten.

  45. Tutu lilac and gaga pink are two of the new colors in the seasonal collection!! I would love to own a pair in one of these vibrant colors!! :-)


  47. I would totally love to win. My two fave colors for fall are floradora and cayenne.

  48. My name is Isabel owen. new colors of butter-soft scrubs are: TUTU LILAC and GAGA PINK.

  49. Two of the new ButterSoft fall colors are Cayenne and Floradora. My favorite is Moody Blue!

  50. Cayenne and Granite/Pewter….Love both of these. I’ve ordered many scrub tops from your company and have many, many cpmpliments and I always recommend you to them I tell the UA like University of Alabama!!! Love your scrubs!!!

  51. I love the Retro Rose print! And the Compassion print is beautiful and for a great cause! You can’t go wrong with either of them!!!!

  52. Two new colors are… Cayenne, moody blue, red hot, floradora, tutu lilac, gaga pink, taupe and Caribbean blue.

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