Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Nurse Mates!

Uniform Advantage Nurse Mates

Win-it-Wednesday is back (we know you’ve missed us!)  Today we want to show you all of the new styles from Nurse Mates and bring this highly coveted giveaway straight to you!  Out of the correct entries, we will RANDOMLY choose 5 winners, who will each receive a free pair of Nurse Mates shoes in the color and/or style of their choosing!

To enter the contest, post a “comment” to this blog post (please note, your answer will stay “hidden” until the contest period ends).  The contest ends Sunday 3/24 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners Monday 3/25.

Question: In addition to shoes, Nurse Mates also makes 4 other nursing related items.  What are these 4 different product categories?  (Hint: the answer can be found in the Nurse Mates section of the Uniform Advantage site)


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation and to Nurse Mates for sponsoring!

808 thoughts on “Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Nurse Mates!

  1. Awesome shoes! I have a pair i wore as a waitress and now that i am in massage school they’re perfect!!

  2. In addition to shoes NurseMate also makes pantyhose, nurse bags, watches, and socks! Love them!

  3. I’m definitely loving the BOLD PRINT. I think that it is classy and can be worn any time of the year. It also looks great while running errands.

  4. Just started a new job, and a new pair of nursing shoes would be just wonderful! Thank you.

  5. In addition to Shoes, Nursing Mates also carry Watches, Compression hosiery, socks and Nursing bags.

  6. I walk so much my shoes are falling apart at the seams!! This nurse needs new shoes : )

  7. Glad you have continued the Wednesday Contest. My luck to have found your website now! Thank you for being you! H.

  8. Nurse mates are the best! I have worn them for years! Though I get older, they never “age”!

  9. The four other nursing related items Nurse Mates have are compression/regular socks, watch, nursing bag, apparel.

  10. Nurse mates also makes watches, socks, hose, and bags! PIck me please! I could really use some new shoes!- Jennifer McKinney

  11. watches, socks, hosiery, bags
    I would love to win these shoes. I wear Birkenstock professional clogs now but they are heavy and starting to hurt my feet. A co-worker has nursemate clogs and she RAVES about how comfortable they are!!

  12. Nurse Mates also makes watches, socks, pantyhose, and bags…
    Thank you,
    Stacey, Nursing Student

  13. For the contest beside Nurse Mate shoes. You also have Nurse Mate socks, watches, bags, and compression knee highs. Hope to win the contest.


  15. In addition to shoes, 4 other Nurse Mates nursing related items are: watches, socks, pantyhose and knee highs and nursing bags.

  16. Nursemates also makes compression pantyhose, compression socks, nursing bags, and watches.

  17. In addition to their comfortable shoes nurse mates also makes stockings socks watches and bags

  18. Other items by Nurse Mates include, compression stockings, watches, Nursing bags and 6pks of socks

  19. And the answer is ………..
    #1 – Watches
    #2 – Nursing Bags
    #3 – Socks
    #4 – Compression Stockings

  20. Nurse Mate Watches, Nurse Match Support Hose, Nurse Mate Nursing Bag, & Nurse Mate Socks

  21. I’m feeling lucky!! Nursemates makes compression stockings, watches, nursing bags shoes and socks.

  22. In my previous post/comment I spelled hosiery incorrectly……the 4 other items nurse mates makes is hosiery,socks,watches and bags

  23. I would love to try Nurse Mates shoes! I love their bags & other accessories, but have yet to try shoes….

  24. Nurses Bags, Compression socks, crew socks, watches shoes, clogs , knee high stockings

  25. watches, bags (which I have one and LOVE IT) socks, and shoes (which I also wear and love)

  26. Besides shoes Nurse Mates also make Watches, Compression Socks, Nursing Bags and Crew and Ankle Socks. Love them All!

  27. I really enjoy looking at your cataloges. I am starting a new job after being out of work for 17 yrs. My husbands job shut down and sold out and that put me having to go back to work. I would really like to win a new pair of shoes to wear.

  28. nurse mate shoes are the best they also sell watches,hosery,socks and bags, love uniform advantage only place I order my uniforms from

  29. I love nurse mate shoes work 12hr shifts and my feet never hurt….nurse mate compression stockings, nurse mate socks, nurse mate watches and nurse mate bags.

  30. Hi there, In addition to Nurse Mates shoes they also make socks, panty hose, bags/totes, and watches which are sold at They have quality items such as non slip shoes, full grain leathers, and have been providing their great items for nearly fifty years.

    Thank you

  31. The four other products that nurse mates creates are watches, compression socks, nursing bags, and socks.

  32. I love uniform advantage, this is where I order al my clothes and shoes and had nothing but great luck. They have the most update fashions and if need to return anything it is no hassle. Great place to get your work uniforms!

  33. Other than shoes, Nursemates offers 2. Compressin and Support hosiery 3. Socks 4. Nursing bags

  34. I Love UA scrubs, I reccomend them every chance I get. Just the other day when a nurse commented on my adorable St Patrick’s day top I said with a smile “Uniformadvanatage .com” she stopped and wrote it down and said “Thanks”. =D

  35. I just returned back to work from maternity leave and would love to kick start it by wearing a new pair of Nurse Mates! I heard so much about them but have never had the opportunity to try this well known brand.

  36. I did not know you all had Win-It Wednesdays but I am glad I found out now!!! What a great idea.

  37. I have wanted to be a nurse my whole life. I have worked in the medical field and I am thankful my whole family is supporting me with my goals and believing in me!!! I love win it Wednesday and I have tried many of times to win!!!! Hopefully this will be it!!


  38. Nurses mate also makes the most beautiful nurses wrist watches ( i possess 6 of them in different colors), nurses bag, stethoscope, and compression socks.

  39. Wow this is exciting I will graduate in May and new nursing shoes would come in awful handy so before I begin I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous opportunity <3. Nurse Mate also makes the following products
    1. Compression socks
    2. Watches
    3. Socks
    4. Nursing Bags
    Have a great day :)

  40. Nurse Mates; watches, compression socks/panty hose, socks & nursing bags and then there is of course shoes!

  41. 4 Great products for the nurse in your life with style!
    Nurse Crew Sock, Nurse Mates Kaleidoscope Nursing Bag, Nurse Mates “Medical Compression” 15-20 mmHg Full Support Pantyhose, Nurse Mates Scrub Mickey Mouse Nursing Watch

  42. Nurse Mates makes watches, full support pantyhose, compression trouser socks, and nursing bags.

  43. Watches, compression knee Highs 15-20mmHG, animal fun socks, Medical mix socks, 6 diffeerent design nursing bags, Full support panty hose 6mmHG, Full support pantyhose 15-20 mmHG, kiss a crew sock, Kaleidoscope ankle sock optical squares crew sock, Kiss a nurse crew sock

  44. I like that you not only have comfortable shoes, but also watches, handy nursing bags, convenient watches, and comfy legwear.

  45. The other four categories are: socks, nursing bags, watches, and compression trouser socks/pantyhose.

  46. Nurse Mate makes the most comfortable shoes ever. It feels like you’re walking on a cloud all day.

  47. Socks,nurse bags,hosiery and watches are all made by nurse mates .I love my nurse mate watch:)

  48. nurse mates are the most comfortable shoes to wear. They also sell watches, knee-high compression hose, nurse bags and socks

  49. Nurse Mates also makes watches, socks, nursing pantyhose & nursing bags. I have an adoreable little nurse mates watch that I get complimented on all the time. Thanks Nurse Mates!

  50. The four items are:

    Nurse mate watches
    Nurse mate compressions socks
    Nurse mate panty hose
    Nurse mate nursing bags.

  51. Nurse Mates make a great line of shoes, in addition to that they also have:
    Watches, Socks, Hose & Nursing Bags

  52. The four other products by nurse mates are: Watches, Compression socks and pantyhose, Fun socks, Nursing bags. I have a pair of nurse mates and I wear them everday. They are just as comfortable as Danskos but a better price.

  53. Four other items that Nurse Mates offer are: watches, compression stocking, socks and nursing bags!

  54. The answers are:
    Nursing bags, socks (compression and fun ones), support hose, then the fun watches!!!! My favorite is MICKEY!!!! You are never to old for Mickey! He keeps even old folks like me young!

  55. Nurse mates makes : nursing watches, women’s compression trouser socks / stocking , crew socks and nursing bags

  56. In addtion to shoes, Nurse Mates also makes nursing socks, compression stockings, watches and Nursing bags.

  57. Nurse Mate stockings
    Nurse mate socks long and short
    Nurse mate watches
    Nurse mate bags

  58. Nurse mates also makes: nursing watches, women’s compression trouser socks/ stockings, crew socks, and nursing bags

  59. I would love to win a pair of these Nurse Mates ! The 4 different product categories made by Nurse Mates are shoes, watches, stockings, and nursing bags.

  60. I would love to win some Nurse Mates. Mine are wearing out. Would love to show these beauties off!

  61. Other products from nurse mates are watches, compression stocking/pantyhose,socks and nursing bags

  62. In addition to their clos, slip on, althletic, and slip-resistant footwear Nurse mates also makes stylish accessories such as watches, nurses bags, socks and hosiery.

  63. I absolutely LOVE nurse mate shoes. I have had several pairs and swear by them to all my coworkers.

  64. Nurse Mates also carry socks, compression stockings, watches & nursing bags/totes. Hope I win I love these shoes!

  65. Nurse Mate also has watches, socks, compression hose, and nurse bags for all your nursing needs. The Nurse mate shoes are so comfortable, and make a real difference when on your feet all day! Thank you nurse mate!!

  66. Nurse Mates also makes watches, socks, nursing bags, and compression hose/support hose.

  67. In addition to the wide variety of extremely comfortable shoes that are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, Nurse Mates also make durable and stylish watches in a variety of colors, Nursing Bags, ankle socks and crew socks, knee highs and full support panty hose!!!

  68. in addition to shoes nurse mates also makes: socks, nursing bags, support hose and watches.

  69. Nurse Mates also sells watches, compression socks and pantyhose, regular socks and nursing bags

  70. Nurse Mates also have watches, nursing bags, socks, and compression trouser socks and knee highs :)

  71. I LOVE my nurse mates watch. I especially LOVE my nurse mates bag! It holds everything I need & more. Equipment, paperwork & lunch!

  72. Love going to UA on my days off and in between my home health visits!!! Nurse mates makes bags, watches,stockings/socks, and UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!!

  73. Nurse mates also makes , watches, nursing bags, socks, panty hose, compression knee highs & trouser knee highs

  74. Nurse Mates not only sells shoes, they also sell watches, a variety of socks and nursing bags.

  75. I love Uniform Advantage. It’s a one stop shop, and convenient. Nurse Mates is a very reliable brand with many chooses.

  76. Thank You for the possibility to win a pair of nurse mate shoes. Just bought my first pair last year and in need of a new pair. I have tried Sanita and Dansko and these by far are my favorite for the long 12 hr shifts that I work. So to answer your question..(1)watches (2)socks (3) nursing bags (4)pantyhose. Hopefully these are correct and hopefully my name gets chosen.

  77. I love your uniforms! If it was up to me I would have one of every kind. Many of the LNA’s where I work order through your catalog…it is so nice for residents and co-workers alike to see your fun and fashionable ensembles. Thank you for making wearing uniforms fun to wear :)

    P.S The prices are reasonable and affordable!

  78. Besides Shoes Nurse Mates makes Socks & Hosiery, Watches, Bags & Totes and Apparel.

  79. The following are all Nursemate’s products.
    1.) Watches
    2.) Bags & Totes
    3.) Hosiery & Socks
    4.) Shoes

  80. I could definitely use a good pair of nursing shoes. I work in a nursing home and I’m constantly on my feet. I’ve been using te same pair of shoes for almost a year now. I just filed for bankruptcy and my Mom is on disability so money is limited. Thank you!

  81. Practical easy to read Watches, Cute Socks in assorted sizes/ colors/ fun designs, Hosiery for tired legs, & Stylish Nursing Bags.

  82. Four thing that nurse mates makes other than shoes are watches , compression stockings , socks and nursing bags

  83. Nursemates has everything I look for in a product, comfort, style and affordable price. Keep up the good work ! Love ya Nursemates!

  84. Aside from cute nursing shoes, Nurse Mates also makes nursing bags, compression pantyhose/stockings, nursing watches, and socks.

  85. the other product that Nurse Mates make are socks, nursing bags, watches, compression socks

  86. Watches, hose, socks and bags! I can’t wait to win! I love Nurse Mates!
    Thanks Penny

  87. I have purchased several items for my job. The hosiery, watch,tote bag, socks, and shoes. I highly recommend this product for it’s durability, comfort, and price. I have several friends whom have purchased as well. Very happy with the selection thats available. Nice job !

  88. Win it5 Wednesdat..Nurse mate make Compression Panty Hose,Knee Highs, Watches,Socks Storage Bags..Hope I win ..:)

  89. Love my nurse mates…so comfortable that I think I have slipped into a pair of slippers . Thanks for giving us, the customers, great quality :)

  90. Very cute watches, adorable socks and fashionable nurse’s bags. And the needed compression stockings for the long days we are on our feet running around!!

  91. Nurse mates has compression socks, nursing bags, watches and crew socks. Their panty hose look like a great combination of comfort and wearability. The Van Gogh inspired pattern caught my eye because of the
    combination of colors. Then I noticed the slip resistant soles. I definitely need to purchase these beauties.

  92. Great contest!
    Answer (according to the Nurse Mates section on UA website):
    (1) compression hosiery
    (2) socks in fun prints & colors
    (3) watches
    (4) bags

    Answer according to Nurse Mates company website:
    (1) Shoes
    (2) Hosiery & socks
    (3) Watches
    (4) Totes & bags
    (5) Apparel

  93. This is an prize to win! So glad win-it-Weednesday is back. Have been looking at a new pair of shoes! Pick me, pick me!!!

  94. They look nice, I want to win :) especially because I just got a new job in a lab after being out of school for 7months, I sure could use these.

  95. Nurse mates also makes socks ( regular & compression), compression hosiery, watches, and nursing bags.

  96. Nurse Mates also makes: 1. watches, 2. socks, 3. nursing bags, and 4. panty hose/ compression socks.
    Also, thank you for the win-it- Wednesday contest.

  97. From what I see on the site, They make watches, Nursing bags, Hosiery , and socks ( compression and plain).

  98. Nurse Mate shoes are great and comfortable, but I also like the looks of the
    Compression Stockings, crew socks, watches (Disney items look cute) and the nurse bags come in handy.
    Take a chance on the Nurse Mates items, I think you will like them too.

  99. I love all the things that Nurse Mate offers. They have watches, compresion stockings, pantyhose and beutiful, practical nursing bags. My favorite item is the shoes. A coworkers has a pair and always tells us how comfortable they are to be wearing all day. Someday I will be able to buy those shoes.

  100. In addition to shoes, Nurse Mates also makes watches, socks, bags and different apparel (shirts, hats). Hope this is correct!

  101. Watches, bags, socks, hosiery are the four other categories of products nurse mates offers.


  103. Cool contest! Sure need a new pair of shoes so I am crossing my toes……er, uh…..fingers.


    Compression stockings/hose
    Foot socks
    Nursing bags

    Thanks for the chance

  104. Nursing Mates also makes nursing bags, watches, nursing pantyhose and socks…outside of their fun shoes!

  105. After being a nurse for 30 years and only wearing tennis shoes, I have tried a pair of Nurse Mates!!! My opinion… they are sooo comfortable!!!

  106. I have numerous Nurse Mate shoes, socks, pantyhose and one watch. Products are all very reliable, last a long time, when I say long, I mean years. I have one pair shoes that I have work for the last 12 years. Still in good condition. They also carry nursing bags. I have never owned one of the bags.

  107. NM also has 1)Nursing Fashion Socks 2)Nursing Compression Hose and Socks 3)Nursing Bags 4) Nursing Fashion Watches

  108. In addition to shoes Nurse Mates also makes great watches, hosiery, nursing bags and socks.

  109. watches, nurse bags, socks(ankle and trouser), pantyhose (full and knee hi), I could use another pair of shoes very comfortable size 6 please.

  110. Socks, hosiery, watches, bags. I need some new work shoes soooo bad. I have been looking for a pair of tennis shoes to replace the ones I have worn in the hospital for the past 3 years. I would love to try the Nursemates! I work as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and do a lot if standing and running all over the laboratory. Thanks for the opportunity to Win a pair of Nursemates!

  111. To answer your queston Nurse Mates offers; socks, watches, Nursing bags and compression socks along with their shoes….

  112. I am a Food Service Manager at a Public School and i have to wear uniforms for work.Two years agoI suffered a slip and fall accident at my school which left me a facial scar,one of the resaons for falling was my shoes,even though they were uniform they were not safe at all. A nurse friend of mine recommended Nurse Mates non slip shoes and since then I wear nothing else

  113. I would love to win these shoes! I am so in need of some new work shoes and these are just too cute.

  114. Nurse Mates products in addition to shoes include, Watches, Socks, Stockings and Nursing Bags.

  115. I love Uniform Advantage that the quality of the clothing is excellent of a reasonable price. The clothing is shipped within 1 day super fast delivery. Luv it..

  116. Nurse Mates has a wonderful selection of bags & totes, apparel, socks and hosiery, and watches.

  117. I have been wanting a pair of Nurse Mates shoes!!! However, at this point and time I do not have the extra money to buy them. But would love to be considered in the drawing for a pair!

  118. Nurse Mate shoes are the most comfortable shoe I have found for a 8 to 10 hour day of work…..Love them !

  119. besides the nurse mate shoes the other four products nurse mate carries are 1) watches, 2)nurse bags, 3) panty hoses, 4) socks

  120. Watches, compression stockings, nursing bags, socks! Thank you, Nurse Mates!
    Mary Ellen Levine

  121. Hosiery, Socks, Watches, and Bags are the other four categories by Nurse Mates other than shoes.

  122. Ohh my feet would love a pair of these nurse mate shoes for work! or any other product nurse mate carries. Very nice brand

  123. UA has some wonderful deals on nursing uniforms, thank you for being so reasonable
    Nurse mates has shoes, watches, hosiery, socks and bags

  124. They make watches, socks, pantyhose, and bags! I love nursemate shoes. I own a pair and they are awesome. :)

  125. Watches, hosiery and nursing bags…hooray for Nurse Mates…helping to make a most comfortable nurse, which in turn, makes a happy nurse! Thank you Nurse Mates!

  126. In addition to shoes Nursemates makes durable watches, cute socks, panty hose and nursing bags with a variety of designs on them.

  127. And you thought all we had was shoes, let me tell you we have the best watches, socks and bags you could ever want so for all your nursing needs, if you want nice soft or plain colors we got it or if you want wild and strange looks we have that to, so just remember to use Nurse Mate products for all your needs !

  128. The 4 Nurse Mates product categories: watches, compression socks, socks and nursing bags. Great shoes!

  129. Amazing shoes
    Awesome socks
    Super rocken nursing bags
    Classy watches
    I love love love nurse mates. Please pick me!!!! :)

  130. Besides shoes, they make nursing bags, compression/trouser socks, fun socks and watches

  131. 4 other categories that Nurse Mates makes are: watches, nursing bags, pantyhose & socks.

  132. Looks like Nurse Mates completes the outfit by supplying the following: shoes, socks (a needed accessory to go along with the shoes), watches, and to carry all of the nursing must haves, functional tote bags.

  133. Nurse Mates also makes 4 other nursing related items which include watches, socks, pantyhose, and nursing bags.

  134. Nurse Mates also makes Scrubs, Uniforms, Watches, Hosiery, Socks, and Bags. Love all their products. There are no nurse product like theirs.

  135. Socks, pantyhose, bags and watches, are the four other items that Nurse Mates sell that are nurse related. Dee

  136. The four different product areas are Watches, Compression socks, crew socks and bags.

  137. Jelly Nursing Watches, Nursing Bags, Compression Trouser Socks, Full Control Pantyhose

  138. In addition to shoes Nurse Mates offers 4 different catergories such as:
    Nursing Bags and Toes
    Socks and Hosiery such as: 15-20 mmHg Compression Trouser Socks ,15-20 mmHg Medical compression Knee Highs
    A variety of Time watches
    Apparel such as

  139. Nurse Mates make watches, compression hose, socks, & nurses bags…I hope I WIN…MOMMA NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF NURSE MATES!!!!

  140. In addition to shoes, Nurse Mates also makes watches, socks, nursing bags and support hose.

  141. I work any where from 8 to 16 hrs a day on my feet all day. I like the way these shoes look.

  142. In addition to the shoes, nurse mates also make and sell watches, cute socks, compression stockings, and nursing bags! :-)

  143. Nurse Mate additional products are: Trouser compression socks, watches,socks, nurse bags and support hose.

  144. Nurse mates has shoes, support hose, socks, compression socks, and watch’s. I would love to win….

  145. Nurse Mates also has cute crew socks, stylish compression socks, a “Trauma Queen” tee and several styles of nursing bags to choose from.

  146. The answers for “win it Wednesday” are: 1- watches, 2-socks, 3-nurse bags, 4- panty hose. Thank you for this contest.

  147. I love the wide variety of scrubs, bags, hosiery and watches and shoes that you have in your catalog.

  148. Hi Linda I am coveting the highly prized nurse mate shoes and handbags. I wish i could just have one pair of those shoes. I just started a new job that requires standing all day….and boy my feet legs back is longing for a pair of your sort after shoes……hopefully I might be one of the five winners.

  149. NURSE MATES make 1.) Compression trouser socks 2.) Support Nursing pantyhose 3.) Watches 4.) Nursing bags.

  150. have bought many great nurse wear uniforms and clogs at this co. in wilkesbarre,pa. great prices too! xo

  151. The products other than shoes sold by Nurse Mates are watches, socks, bags, and panty hose.

  152. Nursing Mates is known for their super comfy shoes but they also have 4 different product categories they sell. These are: nursing watches, compression stockings, socks and nursing bags.

  153. Nurse Mates also makes watches, Compression trouser stockings, socks and nursing bags

  154. The other 4 products that Nurse Mates currently make besides shoes is watches, stockings, nursing bags, and socks.

  155. Just purchased a Nurse Mates Watch…LOVE it!!! Beautiful BLUE light for early morning respiriations!!

  156. 4 other Nurse Mates Product Categories in addition to shoes are: Watches & Accessories
    Hoisery/Socks/Leg wear
    Nursing Bags
    Tee Shirts

  157. Nurse Mates “beautiful” Compression Support Hose
    Nurse Mates “playful, colorful” sox – to coordinate for additional fun!
    Nurse Mates “gotta have one” Utility Bags
    Nurse Mates “every patient, every time” Watches – for compassionate care

  158. Great watches, bags, hoisery and socks are made by Nurse Mates. Love the shoes, so comfortable!

  159. Nurse Mates offers an awesome selection of shoes, watches, socks & hosiery, apparel, and nursing totes. I always feel stylish and comfortable in Nurse Mates!

  160. In addition to the awesome and comfy shoes Nurse’s Mates make, they also make fashionable watches, cute socks, compression stockings, and tote bags to store all of our nursing gear and supplies!! :-) I love Nurse’s Mates!!! :-)

  161. Nurse Mates have products in the categories other than shoes are hosiery,nursing bags,watches and socks

  162. Besides shoes, Nurse Mates offers a variety watches, bags, socks and hosiery. I can personally vouch for the shoes. I love my white with pink flowers…they are light and comfortable and my patients are constantly commenting on how cute they are!!!!!

  163. Nurse Mate answer to contest question What are 4 other products does nurse mate makes ….#1 Nurse mate watches, #2 Nurse mate compression trouser socks, #3 Nurse mate medical compression pantyhose,#4 Kaleidascope nursing bags.

  164. Nurses Mates shoes are great!!! In addition to the shoes, they also make cute watches, colorful socks, compression hose to help your tired legs throughout your long shift, and fashionable nursing tote bags to carry all your nursing gear in! I love Nurses Mates! :-)

  165. Nursing mate makes hosiery, socks, watches, and nursing bags. These are the four items besides shoes.

  166. I love nurse mates. They where the very first shoes I purchased over 20 years ago when I started out as a CNA, now many years later, I still love those shoes.

  167. I love nurse mates. They where the very first shoes I purchased over 20 years ago when I started out as a CNA, now many years later, I still love those shoes. The four other items are watches, socks, bags, and pantyhose

  168. The other four item are watches, hosiery, socks and nursing bags. I love UA scrub pants.

  169. Nurse Mates also have socks, pantyhose, nursing bags and watches in addition to their shoe line. I love Nurse Mates!

  170. In addition to shoes, Nurse Mates also offers socks, pantyhose, watches, and nursing bags! PS
    I love your products!

  171. Answers for the win it Wednesday by nurse mates my four answers are :badge holders, watches,socks&hosiery, medical instruments, nursing bags… please enter me in the contest thanks!

  172. The five items that Nurse mates produce are: shoes, bags and totes, socks and hosiery, watches, and apparel. I have the hosiery and a bag. I use to have a pair of shoes but I wore them out when I was a CNA. I didn’t see it listed but I have a pen light with the nurse mates logo on it!

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