Sophie's Picks

We want our  introduce you to Sophie, the newest addition to the UA Scrubs “behind the scenes” fashion team!  Sophie brings an expert eye to identify timeless style staples as well as the next hot trends just around the corner.  Don’t think this applies to scrubs?  We disagree.  Everyone should be able to look and feel their best whether they wear a uniform or not!

She’ll be pinning all of her latest “picks” to her board under the Uniform Advantage Pinterest page, so check back there to see them all in one place!

Now, onto her first pick which is lighthearted and perfect for Spring!  This top has a ladylike round neckline, a soft empire waist, back elastic, and side slits for flattering fit.  The Tiffany trim accents provide the perfect pop of color and and the flower-shaped buttons are youfthful and feminie.


UA537FHT Fair Haven Tiffany

What is your favorite part about this top?

3 thoughts on “Meet…Sophie!

  1. This is my favorite color blue! Love your first pick, joined you on Pintrest! I have this top in Flamingo, and it does have a better fit with the elastic back. Can’t wait to see your other choices!

  2. Can’t wait to see another ‘Sophie Pick’. I’d like it if you showed the whole outfit put together, too, since you can often use 3 different colors for the pants. I often pair black or white with all of my tops, and would like to learn ways to incorporate colors.

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